Papertrey Ink Blog Hop

It's blog hop day and while I normally am really excited about the challenge, this one stumped me a bit. And when I finally came up with an idea, I decided to try some water-coloring on the background and - well, let's just say - I am not much of a water-colorer!!

Here is the inspiration piece:

And here is my card:

The colors are a little brighter in person - but the technique? So not my thing. I sponged colors on the white cardstock first and then impressed it with the Cover Plate - Circle die. The mat (behind the sentiment also) is Winter Wisteria cardstock, the ribbon is Autumn Rose. Sentiment is from the Scrolling Script set.

Thank for hopping by! I'll be back soon with that technique I stumbled upon and mentioned in my last post. Have a great day!

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Leigh Penner said...

So pretty!

Darnell J Knauss said...

I have to say you really created a beautiful card, even though this technique is so not your thing, Mary! I love it!! Hugs, Darnell

Kara Lynne said...

I love the impression from that plate! Beautiful design with your sentiment and flower!

Kristii said...

So very pretty! Love the soft color and the texture you created is fabulous!

Betty Wright said...

Great colors and love the embossing with the background design!