Vinyl on Glass

I haven't fallen on the face of the earth yet although I have been pretty busy lately. And not all fun busy - just plain busy busy! But I have had a little time to be creative with something new to me - vinyl on glass! I'm addicted and so glad I have another way to use my Cameo - in love! Take a look as some of my recent creations:

Ok, don't know what happened to this photo - apparently it got damaged so there's that weird piece on the left there. Trust me, the sign doesn't have that in real life. Anyhow, I created this in vinyl, rubbed onto glass and added back into the frame with no backing so the wall can show through. This is one of the pieces on my newly designed family photo wall.
This second sign was made for my friend (and boss) Kathy, owner of Photography By K. Again, vinyl on glass with no backing. Aren't these fun? I also made one for my sister-in-law as a house warming gift - it was an Irish blessing with a row of shamrocks in a fancy white resin frame. She loved it! (Sorry, no photo to share).

Want a sign for your house or place of business? Contact me and let's talk about what I can create for you! Items like this will soon be in my Etsy store so keep watching here for updates!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great Friday!

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The end of Valentine's weekend

Did anyone spend the entire weekend celebrating Valentine's Day? We sort of celebrated from Thursday through Saturday but there is still a piece of cake left so I guess we'll finish the celebrating today after all. Plus I'm making a new recipe for dinner so that's something to celebrate.

Anywho, I have a couple of final cards to share with you although if you need card inspiration at this point you're, umm, late. But you can file the ideas away till next year!

I made this card to send to my Mom and Aunt - both very important ladies in my life and lovers of the sweets. Inside the sentiment reads: I donut know what I would do without you!  Stamps by Hero Arts.

And this is one more card I made for Beautiful Blooms by Jen. Stamps are from Your Next Stamp.
That wraps up the hearts and goodies for this year but come back and visit soon - I will have more to share later this week!

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Valentine's Day

I'm back with a few more Valentine cards but first, I have a very special little Cupid to share with you:

My grandson Alexander Cupid, shooting love arrows straight to Grandma's heart! I'm smitten :)

Now for a couple of cards - 1st, the card I made for my daughter and son-in-law:

I added a little bit of everything that says Valentine's Day to me - chocolate, hearts, sparkles, flowers, ribbon and lace - it's all there! And inside, an original (corny) poem written by me :)  In addition to a card, we gave them a couple of yummy cupcakes to blow their diets on!

This is one of the gifts we had for my cutie patootie Cupid - a set of teething keys and a handmade tag. The Key to my Heart piece was cut on my Cameo (file from the Silhouette store). I thought the tag was a good idea so Mommy can add it to his scrapbook later.  He also got a onesie that says "eligible bachelor" on the front and a touch and feel book from Uncle Jacob.

Overall, we had a lovely, low key Valentine's Day with the people that means the most to us - our children and grandson. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day too!

Back soon with a few more 'better late than never' V-Day cards!

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Valentine's Day Cards

I know, I know - I have been MIA. And I don't really have a very good reason, except that I have been spending free time with a little special someone (more on him in the next post) and my stamping time has been just about zilch! But I have been thoroughly enjoying myself so I have no regrets!

I did get back into the stamp room recently to create some Valentine cards for Beautiful Blooms by Jen (where you can find my hand-crafted cards for special occasions). Here are a few of the cards now in stock and ready to go with your Valentine's Day flower order!

I love the Fancy Footwork of a couple dancing the Foxtrot (or is it a Tango?)
Simple elegance with a little sparkle - the perfect Valentine!

Or, if cute is more your style, this owl is a hoot! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I keep most of the cards for the store simple with few embellishments so no additional postage is required for mailing. Buttons and bows are fun but usually require money down at the post office!

I have more to share with you in the next couple of days so please stop back and visit me. I promise I will try not to disappear again any time soon!

Stamps by Papertrey Ink.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

So on the Eve of Thanksgiving, here's my list of 30 things I am thankful for:

 1. My relationship with God - even as tenuous as it is at times.
2. My husband who stands by me through thick and thin
3. My children who are my greatest accomplishment and the lights of my life
4. My grandchildren, in heaven and on earth. I love them all....
5. My Mom who is one of my best friends
6. My family - brother, sister, aunt, in-laws...You have all been an influential part of my life
7. Friends - what would I do without you??
8. My job. Even though I complain about it once in awhile, I'm glad I have a job that offers me some flexibility.
9. My home, while not a castle, is comfortable and welcoming
10. My dog - the only other female in the house. You're my pal, Leia!
11. Creativity - relaxing, entertaining and good for my soul
12. My second job at Photography by K - nothing better than working for my best friend!
13. Food. Yeah, I just love it.
14. Television and movies and being able to be a couch potato once in awhile
15. Naptime - for me.
16. Technology. I love new gadgets and gizmos as long as they are useful
17. Animals of all kinds. They make me smile
18. Change of seasons. I like living where we experience heat and snow and everything in between
19. Words - reading and writing
20. Flowers - they can brighten any day!
21. Walt Disney - without him there would be no Disney World- my favoritest place!
22. Photography- a newer hobby for me but I love all the options and images that can be captured on film
23. Solitude. Sometimes it's just nice to have some alone time
24. Good health - taken for granted until you don't have it
25. People with pleasant attitudes - we need more of them.
26. Slippers. Now if I could just wear them to work.
27. A good night's sleep. Doesn't always happen but is great when it does!
28. My Dad - although he's been gone for 25 years, not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for the time I had with him. And this item should be farther up the list!
29. Coca-Cola. My choice of caffeine
30. All my Facebook friends and blog readers. You make my days fun and more interesting!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
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