Back with a "new to me" technique

Sorry I've been gone a few days. I had a few things going on that trumped blogging. This little guy is one of them:

This is right before a surgery that Alex had to have last week. Everything turned out A-Ok and he's on the mend!

I've also been working on my son's business website: Nerd Nation. Not much to see there right now - everything I've been working on is behind the scenes and will be public soon. I'm very excited for this business venture of his and hopefully it will be a great success!

But I did stumble upon a little creative trick I wanted to share with you. Maybe you already know this but it was new to me! While I was creating the other day, I needed to emboss with a die in my Cuttlebug. In order to make the plate "sandwich" tight enough for a good impression, I grabbed a couple pieces of scrap cardstock. What I didn't realize was that one of the scraps had already been used to cut a die image from:

And as I layered this with a piece of plain cardstock and ran everything through the Cuttlebug, what happened when I took the pieces apart was this:

That die cut sheet of cardstock embossed the image onto the plain sheet of cardstock!! This opens up a whole world of possibilities for using dies to create embossed images!! Did you already know this trick?

Here is the card I made from the embossed piece:

Here's another - it's hard to see the image in the one above but the colors are better:

Isn't that cute? I'm really excited about this discovery and I hope I was able to share something new with you too! Have a great day!

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Ohhh Snap said...

I've wondered if that would work. Thaks for proving it does : D. Beautiful card!