How about a smoothie?

Today I'm bringing you something other than artwork - a simple recipe for a delicious, low(ish) calorie smoothie! I finally found a great way to make a smoothie that has just the right mix of everything and has a great texture. Here's my recipe - I hope you'll try it.
Start with a cup of lowfat vanilla yogurt. I love the Kroger brand of Lite yogurt - only 80 calories for the cup. Of course, you can use a flavor other than vanilla but it's a great base for any fruit you want to add. Put the yogurt in the blender but hang on to the container!
Now grab your fruit - but here's the key - it must be fruit that has been frozen! I buy the small packages of raspberries (I think it's a 1/2 pint) and toss them in the freezer so I have fruit on hand for smoothies any time. I also put bananas that are too ripe to just eat in the freezer for the smoothies as well. You can also buy the bags of frozen fruit in the freezer section of the store but those are a little more expensive. It's more economical to save and freeze your own but if, for instance, you want to freeze a peach, I would cut it up and freeze it just long enough to be frozen, otherwise it may turn brownish.
Now fill your yogurt cup with your choice of frozen fruit and dump it all in the blender.
Last step, fill your yogurt cup one more time with milk. I use 1% to keep the calories down (102 calories for 6 oz. - the size of the yogurt container). Now add this to your blender.
Pulse until everything is well blended and pour into a nice tall glass and enjoy!

Here's mine - yum!!! Have a great day!
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