A camper I'm not but...

This past weekend, my guys and I headed to the Lake Erie Islands area (Port Clinton, Marblehead...) to hang out with friends at their campground. Now I am not a camper - the idea of being in a place that has little to do but sit and watch the spiders build webs is not my idea of a get-away - but we had a great time, mostly due to the company but also for the exact reason I just said I don't like camping. We sat and basically did nothing. And that felt really good!

Growing up, my grandparents owned a cottage right across from the lake and we would visit for a couple of days, go fishing, cook out, just hang around on the porch and relax. I associate the lake and the smell of the water with those days and it's a pleasant memory. My husband, on the other hand, grew up in a lake community and lived quite a number of years across from the lake as well so he doesn't have the same memories that I do. To him, it was just a place you lived, not a place you went to escape.

But we did escape a little this weekend. We enjoyed getting dinner at a small seafood place that served up some great fresh Lake Erie perch, popped into a huge cheese store (Cheese Haven - find my review here) and took in the sites at the Marblehead Lighthouse. Here are a couple of pictures from the lighthouse:

It was a little breezy but compared to the threat of rain we were supposed to have that day, and the heat we've been experiencing all summer, I was more than okay with some fresh lake breeze.

And to top it off, we ended the day with chocolate cake. I call that one Grade A day!