I'm a good Mom

Sunday we celebrated summer birthdays at my house. Yes, we are all too lazy to get together more than once a season. So those who have a birthday from June - October (me), get to wait until the assigned day when the family gets together to celebrate all at once. It's sad - and not by my choosing - but the older wiser people in the family prefer it this way. We also have one winter birthday celebration and that's a hoot because I think there are 8 birthdays from Dec - Feb. It's nuts. But anyhow.

My son (whose birthday is August 1st) was looking forward to birthday party day as that was the day he could finally order his Nintendo 3DS XL. As in extra large. It worked out pretty well because Nintendo just released the XL version on the 19th, the day of the party. But here was his concern - we were planning on buying it from Amazon and as it was just being released on the 19th, he'd have to order it on the 19th and then wait for it to ship. Most "normal" people wouldn't worry about this predicament but he was a little beside himself because A.) he had already recieved a game to play on the new system on August 1st and he couldn't play it on any other system (for real) and B.) he is returning to school this week so his free play time would become more limited. Talk about your 1st world problems, but there you have it.

So, being the Mom I am, Sunday morning I snuck out of the house and was at Target at 8:00 am to purchase his game system for him. Surprised? Definitely!

What a great feeling to see how excited he was to have the system in hand on release day. And 2 days before his classes start. Two gaming-filled days of heaven for my awesome gamer son. Jacob - it's always because I love you! And you deserve a few great surprises - and Oreo cheesecake. Happy Birthday!