That's just the way the whole day has been

Ever have one of those days when you think you should go back to bed and start over? Of course you have - who hasn't? Well today has been one of those days. If you want to read all the sad details, I laid it all out on Ridiculous Lab. But here, I just want to share how the day ended. Well almost ended - I'm not in bed yet!

I wanted to do a little stamping just for fun... no design ideas in my head, just grab a set of stamps and play. And I was looking through some of my favorite blogs and came across a cute card from one of my favorites, Niki at Paper Creations and I thought that's a card I want to CAS and create a fun card with PTI products.

So off I go to the stamp room to get creatin'. And there I sit, thinking and pondering and looking at stamps and papers and I am getting nowhere! Nothing is inspiring me. Then I suddenly get an idea and by jove (who is jove?) I think it will work. So I'm stamping and cutting and impressing and so on and I get to the assembly part. I want to add some stitching (just like Niki did on her card) and here is where the big problem comes in. Somehow, I have the machine threaded or bobbined incorrectly (and this is not my 1st time sewing by any means!) and I start zipping along and then realize that UGGHH...the stitching looks lousy! But I don't want to go back to the beginning with the cutting and the stamping so I thought well, that's the kind of day it's been, I might as well finish this card up.

So here it is - please refrain from laughing:

Is that the saddest stitching ever?? the nice zig zag stitching is on the back of the card - and I didn't stitch it upside down or anything like that. The card would have been kinda cute if I hadn't gotten that machine out but oh well, it's just the way the day was fated to end.

Hope your creations are all coming together for you! Until next time -


All products from Papertrey Ink and Close To My Heart (ink and cardstock).


Mary Eisen said...

Mary, you're crazy! That card is great and so is the stitching. I would have never known that it was wrong and I would have (and still will) tried to copy you too (and no doubt failed). Keep your chin up, that bad day is over and today is another day.

Dell said...

Mary, great job on this card. Love the stitching you added.

peggysue said...

See you just say you did it on purpose and everyone understands. I think it looks fine, very summery and very tasty.

Cheryl Even said...

Mary, the stitching looks puckered up, just like your sentiment! Perfect. This card is darling, so don't apologize for anything. BTW, Jove is an alternate name for Jupiter, the king of the gods in Roman mythology. That's your fun fact for the day.

Jessica said...

I actually like the stitching! Great Card!!

Angela said...

I think the stitching makes it look more hand crafted, and therefore more better. (Yes, my English teacher would be appalled!)