Toilet Paper, Blogging and a Shower

Not a title you expected today, huh? I love sharing artwork and inspiration with you through this blog but sometimes I just need to ramble....which is what brings me to toilet paper.

I'm asking you - do the TP people really think we're that stupid?

I am so tired of double rolls, mega rolls, triple mega rolls....all sounds good but here's the problem. THEY ARE NO BIGGER THAN SINGLE ROLLS! Because they keep making the rolls narrower! When I put a roll of Northern on the roller thing in the bathroom, it is only slightly wider than 1/2 of the roller thing. 1/2! Pretty soon I am going to be buying toilet paper that is the width of grosgrain ribbon but comes in a 56 yard spool! AND if it gets any "cottonier", I might as well wipe with a maxi pad. Seriously. Do they even make maxi pads anymore? Probably not - because they are trying to figure out how to make them into the next toilet paper roll!!!

Whew...I feel a little better now.

So that's what I love about blogging. I need to vent here more often. Nothing like dumping the mixed up trails of thoughts from my head out into cyberspace. Does anyone use the word cyberspace anymore? I'm just asking - I feel out of touch today.

So onto what you're really here for: a little artwork.

I don't think I have shared this card yet - if I have, my bad! *(BTW, I hate that phrase but after "maxi pad" and "cyberspace", I thought I would use a word that is "in". Word.)

The image is from Whipper Snapper Designs and I don't recall who the paper is from. Ribbon is PTI and of course, the image is colored with Copics. The stitching on the card is rub-ons.

That's all I got. Off to work and then home to meet the dishwasher repair guy. Fun stuff.

I'll be back Sunday for my 1st official Corrosive Challenges post. Have a creative day!


Jennifer said...

LOVE that image!!!

Jennifer McGee said...

Too funny, Mary! At least the theme of your card and your ramblings matched. Maybe I need to start using my blog (yes, I should - use my blog) to vent - cheaper than therapy, right? Here's hoping you get to enjoy a 3-day weekend.

Terri Davenport said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh!

Haley D. said...

Too funny! That little birdie is adorable too.

Kay said...

For what it's worth, I use cyberspace but I am not anyone to measure coolness by!
Love the new look to the blog!! The card is adorable and the story was too funny - nice way to end my evening, thanks

Lana said...

Your post made me giggle Mary but your card is adorable i love the paper
Lana x

Stephanie said...

tee hee - you're on a roll (<-sorry, couldn't help it!!) today!! What a fun card - the image is too cute!! Reminds me of the parakeet that I had as a child, Sam....he had a little bird bathtub that we'd sit in the sink and he'd take a bath/shower while we run the faucet. What a peculiar bird :)

Sandra J. Strickler said...

This post is why I love ya, Mary!! Things like that tick me off, too!! Your card is tooo adorable. Love the new blog look!

peggysue said...

That is a very cute card Mary . . . my DH wondered why I was snorting and giggling. If TP sets you off that badly we should probably never talk about the incredible shrinking ice cream cartons that appear in the store freezercase. :)

Grace said...

Well I love your card and fun image but I have to say I laughed at your story and loved it! It's true... there are so many products like that! You rant to your hearts content! We're here for you, dear! LOL!