It's Friday Featuring...a new Blog and new Segment!

Friday's almost over but I am squeaking in under the wire to bring you a post. Thank you to everyone who left a comment or emailed me and sent well wishes to my son...he's all better now, for the most part. It makes me feel good to have online friends who care :)

So I have a few things to announce today - the first is a new blog I have started that features my personal business: Moments of Your Heart. I offer custom created scrapbook albums, cards, gifts, invitations and more as well as providing Wedding Assistant services. Please take a second to check out the new blog and let me know what you think! There are portions of the blog that are not quite working yet - I had hoped to have it all done by today but I got to running a little behind this week. Soon you will also find a link to my Etsy store on the Moments of Your Heart blog where you can purchase hand crafted single cards mailed right to your recipient plus other great items made by me!

The next thing to tell you about is a new segment I am going to be bringing to this blog on a random basis - and with YOUR help! It's called Card Crashes. If you haven't been to it yet, you need to check out the link in my sidebar to Cake Wrecks. Very funny! So in that vein, I thought I would put out a call to all of my artsy friends and ask all of you to do me a favor. If you have ever, or if the future find that you have created a bomb of a card, don't throw it out! Take a picture of it and email it to me! If you card is chosen for a segment of Card Crashes, I will send you a card from my stash to "replace" your boo-boo card. LOL It's all for fun and all contributors will remain anonymouse - unless you want the credit.

So here's the first Card Crash I found worthy of posting:

Remember when staples were all the rage in stamping and scrapbooking? That would be staples in small doses!! This happy yellow chick looks imprisoned in a ring of not-well-spaced metal pokers. But at least they draw our eye away from all the pink and purple..... Thanks for the contribution!

I also have a winner to announce tonight for April blog candy. Everyone who participated in the So Sketchy Sunday challenges were entered into a random drawing and the winner is....Erica! Congratulations Erica - I will be in touch to get your address!

And finally, be sure to check out Card Patterns this weekend. They offer a great sketch challenge every week and this week, I will be sponsoring the prize!!!

See you Sunday for another sketch and have a creative weekend!!!!


PaperAddictJenn said...

Love the new segment! I haven't found my "wrecks" yet, but I know they're hiding in my craft space somewhere.

peggysue said...

Ha, what a cute idea! I saw a site like that once for decorated cakes that just didn't work!

Gina said...

Can't wait to see more cards like this! I usually toss mine!

Cindy said...

Thanks for posting my card!!
I knew I should have saved some of those really bad ones!!

Sarah said...

I saw that you were the sponser for Card patterns..wohooo wtg! I recently discovered cake wrecks...and spent many hilarious, tears rolling down my cheeks, hours on that site.
I think the card you posted is a true card wreck LOL OMG those colors! and the badly spaced staples wow!
Good Luck with your new blog.

laos348 said...

You have been busy!! Good luck with your business and the card wrecks section is fantastic!! I usually never let my card mistakes see the light of day!

Grace said...

LOL! I love your new segment! Oh what fun to see all the wrecks! I usually don't keep my wrecks or I keep the elements I liked for reuse and throw out the rest. I did however have a terrible cake wreck once! I had made a beautiful three tiered cake for a baby shower and knowing how easily things can happen to it... I carefully put it up on the bar out of the way of everyone's regular activities until I was to leave. My DH... sweetie that he is decided to help with dinner since I was rushed with all the shower stuff... well... he was peeling a carrot and lost hold of it and didn't that think fly right over and take out the icing on layer 1, 2 and 3!!! You couldn't have hit that far away if I'd paid you but he got it broadside! It was good for a bunch of laughs that night... too late to do much fixing! LOL! So... if I have any card wrecks I'll save them for you! Have a great Sunday!

katiesniche said...

LOL Card Crash, that is too funny. I can't wait to see what folks send your way.

Elizabeth said...

I love the "Card Crash" segment. Too funny because you know we all have them. They remind us how far we have come and grown.

I am catching up on my blogs and love your new design.

Sheila said...

Card Wrecks - cute idea. Cake Wrecks is one of my favs too. Did you see the 2 days last week with the "Earth Day" wrecks! Those comments were just too hilarious.

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