This, that, and, oh yeah, a candy winner

So here's what's on my mind today....1st, my son is sick, struggling between a sinus thing and a stomach thing...not pretty and mom's not having fun. BUT, we did get the research paper finished - woohoo!

2nd, did I happen to mention that getting old bites?! Nothing new really to report although I do have to say that breaking down and getting glasses (one of those old age problems) has really helped. Now I can actually read numbers in the phone book and not just guess at them. My next thing to try is some cross stitch projects...I haven't done any cross stitching in years because I can't see well enough to do it any more! Yeah, getting old bites.

3rd, daughter went to Fetal Medicine Dr. today - she knows she will have to be on a blood thinner next time she gets pregnant and that should prevent what happened with her 1st pregnancy from recurring again. Interesting info from her research on this - having this "disorder" or clotting abnormality can lead to having a child with cerebral palsy...hmmmm...guess I should get tested - it likely is hereditary on my side (3 miscarriages and a son with CP). Now for her to get pregnant again - when she's ready....

Lastly, no Design Team for me...at least not yet. I will try again and hopefully get picked up for a team some day. Why do I want to be on a DT? Who knows...sounds like fun...would give me a reason for all the stamping I'm going to be doing anyhow!!!!

So that's what's on my mind lately - and now onto the 10,000 hits blog candy!

There was a nice amount of entries between comments and sketch challenge entries and when I pooled everyone together and randomly drew a name, the winner chosen is:


Denise said...
Awesome candy, congrats on your hits! ?????I will try to post to my blog later this week. Doing this left handed after surgery today. I am right handed and out of commission with it for 3 weeks so probable no sketch challenge for me! Denise Wells

I will be in touch to get your address Denise - congratulations!

You still have time to enter my weekly sketch challenge and be eligible for April's blog candy.

And let's wrap up this post with some artwork!

Miss Anya's been shopping! (Me too - I needed some new things for summer, even though the temperatures dipped back into the 40s today!) Anya has just come from the city (see it there behind her??) and she is loaded down with packages. The stamp is from The Greeting Farm, DP from American Crafts, the brown strip on the card went through the Cuttlebug and some Diamond Stickles bling up her socks and headband.

Be sure to check out the Club Anya blog for sneek peaks of a new Miss Anya set coming out soon!

Until next time (when I will hopefully have something NEW to announce) - have a creative day!


The Mama Monkey said...

Love that shopping girl! That ribbon is yummy and matches perfectly!

Sorry to hear about your and your family's ailments. I am a high risk L&D nurse so your DD's condition interests me! Very interesting what advances in medicine can find! I would be interested to see if you do in fact have the same thing!

Sarah said...

SS that you didn't get on the DT...You certainly have the talent!
You're Anya is so gorgeous! I love her socks.
I love all the Anya's really LOL.

Grace said...

Mary I'm sorry you didn't get the DT spot... I am sure you will soon... your work is wonderful! I love your new Anya! How fun! Love the fun colors! I thought your three entries were great too! Keep trying... you'll get a spot I'm sure of it!!!

Stephanie said...

Love the Anya card - especially those knee socks :) There's definitely a DT right around the corner for you, Mary. With all of your talent, it's a given!!

peggysue said...

Your work is very pretty, but U believe persistence pays off! Thanks for pointing out the city scape, I was too caught up in admiring your coloring skills to notice the DP behind the image at first. And I hope your DS gets better soon, that's tough on everyone, including mom.

Denise said...

Oh my gosh I am so excited! I just saw that I won! This is so cool I can not wait to get the books and to go buzzing through them!

Denise Wells

Kay said...

Sorry about the DT - next time maybe. I love your Anna cards anyway, TFS. Hope life in your house calms down soon!

Gina said...

That paper is great, looks like buildings and downtown shopping!

DaDoodleDiva said...

You did a fantastic job on the Anya card. Keep trying I am positive you will make it to a DT one day. You definitely have the talent!

Sorry to hear about you son's illness and your daughter's issues. I hope things go well for both of them.

I know what you mean about the glasses thing. I don't cross-stitch much at all anymore even though I have had them for years now. I don't have much time w/other paper crafts waiting to be created.