12 Days of Christmas - CTMH style!

Today is the first day of my 12 Days of Christmas - CTMH style postings! Every day, there will be something new to check out, including artwork and projects, challenges, specials and prizes! I hope you will check in every day and play along.

Today is a very special day for me and hubby. We started dating on December 5th when we were just sophomores in high school. Can you guess how many year's ago that was? Leave a comment here (do not email me - I tend to lose emails) with a guess and your name will be entered in a drawing to win a prize package at the end of the 12 days. Here's a clue: our oldest child is 27. Maybe that will help you and maybe it won't. One guess per person please. And tomorrow, watch for a fabulous special based on the answer to this question!

Now on to some artwork. In honor of our anniversary of sorts, I have a Love project to share with you:

(Sorry the photo is terrible - it's hard to get a good shot of a mirror edge frame!)

Anyhow, this is a simple dollar store gold frame. The insert, instead of being a photo, is a little artwork. To create, you need to start with a piece of patterned paper - something that is not too busy. Add to the bottom edge the decorative corner rub-on from the Close To My Heart rub on pack. The letters are also from CTMH - they are the new color ready alphabet stickers. I cut around the edges of them so they were separate from the entire sheet of letters and then random stamped small snowflakes over them with Vineyard Berry ink. Then to dress them up a bit, I took a gold pen and traced around each letter before removing it from the backing sheet. This makes it easy as there is a groove where the sticker letter sits on the sheet - your pen easily stays int he groove to trace the letter. Peel away from the backing sheet and you have a fin gold edge on each letter! Then position your letters on your patterned paper and add a few small gold dots here and there to tie it all together. Insert in frame and display!

Have a good Friday and see you again tomorrow!


Candy M said...

Beautiful frame, Mary! :)Okay, my guess is that 30 years ago today, you started dating your sweetie. Am I right? ;)

Sandra S. said...

You make the most beautiful artwork! I believe you've been together for 34 years.

Cathy B said...

hello Mary. I really love the stamped image in the corner. It's a beautiful piece. I'm gonna guess that it's been 33 years ago. My husband and I started dating on December 10.

Jennifer McGee said...

Hi Mary,

Love the frame. I am guessing that you've been together 32 years. Congratulations on that accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with Jennifer at 32 years. That is fantastic! Congratulations, and many, many, more happy years to come.

Suzanne said...

I'm going to guess 33 years! Congrats on a wonderful and long relationship!
LOVE this frame! It's simple, yet elegant!

Mere Jo said...

Congratulations on all of those years~my guess is 31.

Misty Leach said...

Hi there! My guess is 29 years!! Anyway, it's such a wonderful thing that you've made such a lasting impression with your husband all these years, congratulations! Misty