Valentine traditions

Boy have our Valentine's traditions changed over the years!

When the kids we little we were all into cards and candy and hearts and flowers and now that I have one child married and out of the house and one that is 19 (and a boy - it makes a difference!) I find I don't even decorate for Valentine's day any more!

But we still do cards - or at least an online greeting card - a treat of some sort - this year I will make a nice dinner on V-Day and sweet dessert - probably throw in a little candy for Jacob...that's about it. And Tod is taking me out to dinner but not on the day - too crowded for us.

Here's a simple Valentine card I created using the Feb. Stamp of the Month:

So what are your family's traditions??


scrappyjenm said...

Great topic, Mary. Love all the artwork you've been sharing. I especially like the altered sheet packaging - what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

We my husband and I always get the kids and my mom a little something for Valentines. I have a friend that started doing it to when she saw us doing it.
Connie J
La Pine OR