Ok the weather has hit my last nerve!

I'm actually ok with winter - I like dressing warmer, I don't mind the snow (too much) and the cold doesn't bother me a whole lot but enough is enough! By the end of Feb. I am getting antsy and today I woke up to freezing rain, slipping and sliding to the yard just to take the dog out. I am ready for it to all go away!

So what do you do to escape the weather doldrums? I like to watch TV or movies and ignore the weather or spend some time being creative! Makes me feel better every time! On my agenda for today - to finish organizing some recipes into a notebook and then altering the notebook cover (I'll post the finished project as soon as I can).

However you spend your "sucky" weather days, I hope there are plenty of sunny moments in your life to enjoy!


ScrappyStuff said...

i dont prefer "sucky weather" either!!! you'd think it would be a good reason to hibernate and scrapbook ... but alas, nope.

good to see your still scraping and blogging! thanks for sharing!