A fun project to share

So I had to buy some new sheets for my son (he's 19 and Pokeman sheets just won't cut it any more) so I pick up a package of twin sized sheets at Target and they come in this nifty plastic zipper top case and I think to myself "hey this is too nice to throw away - what can I do with it??"

ALTER! I covered the cardboard liner of the package (the thing that gives the sheets some body and form while packaged) and I slip that back into the plastic package. There is a pocket on each side of the package - this is where the "sheet info" was but that just slid out and in went a little decorative square - all just paper and the word cards stamped on it. The pocket on the back side holds a book of stamps.

Then inside I slid 20 handmade cards and envelopes and voila! A gift. So what do you think? What "odd" thing have you altered before?


Nicole said...

What a really cute and creative idea!

Aimee said...

That piece of artwork looks oddly like my Birthday present =)