Oh I'm behind!

Time has truly gotten away from me! Blame it on the holidays. Thanksgiving went really well and then we popped right into Christmas and decorating, shopping, baking....well, you know the drill.

I have had a little time to stamp (new Spring catalog coming out) so here's a recent card creation:
Now to get some scrapping done! I think I am falling behind once again. Oh well, it's not like something you can ever be done with - and that's a good thing!!
Today is my last day of "freedom" before Jacob is home for Christmas vacation so I have to get the rest of the shopping done. And of course there are always errands to run, the house to clean, laundry to do... I think this weekend I will be able to find a little me time.

So how is your holiday planning going? I hope to get back here and post more often in the future. I like having a place to write down my thoughts, events, and so on - helps me remember what's been going on in our lives lately. Off and running today....


Erica said...

LOVE The card...I am so jealous...I just yesterday placed my first order for spring stuff....that stamp set is my #1 favorite in it!

Kelly Jo Ratcliff said...

this card is great! I've just got to get this set of stamps!!!!