It's just not the same when you are an adult and your kids are adults. It's just another day, really. I sat outside in the cold (48 degrees) and passed out candy to about 100 kids while Jacob sat just inside the house watching the "action" - that was the closest he could get as he stayed home from school sick today. And Tod's sick. And Aimee's sick. And Kyle is getting it. I'm next. Oh well. I did get a card and a layout done today. Here is a simple card I made as another submission chance - maybe someday I'll get published??

Thanks for looking!


Erica said...

Very pretty card mary...like how you turned the letters to go around the center. Hey...keep submitting! Where are you submitting to? I get the spurts of creative juices & that's when I submit. I have done a few placements with CTMH, and next year I have a card in a real, printed, sold on the mass market magazine. I think it's quantity & quality that makes a difference when submitting.

Jeanne said...

Very nice card, Mary! I am impressed at both yours and Erica's artwork. I'm sure you will be published one day soon!