The Good, the Bad and.....

Ok today was just one of those days. Here's the good - we got Aimee's wedding gown ordered. And it is beautiful!!!!!!! She will be such a princess in this gown - almost makes me cry just to see her in it. I have pics but can't post them because her fiance might just read this blog and we can't have him seeing the dress.

Another good - my mom went with us and she liked the dress too. It's nice to have my mom share in these things with us. It's the only grandchild she will probably ever see get married. More good - dinner was yummy! Nothing like stuffed breadsticks and cheesy garlic bread. Oh and pumpkin pie for dessert. My tummy is happy.

Now for the bad - well, the weather has sucked fo the past 2 days - rainy, windy and cold. 'Nother bad - I have a headache and Jacob and hubby are both not feeling weel. Not just one "under the weather" man in my house but two! Geez. And I am going on a weekend get-away next weekend and I BETTER not get SICK!

Biggest bad - I got a speeding ticket today!!!!!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!! I have not gotten a ticket in YEARS! And I got nailed doing 15 over (although I swear it was only 5 over) in a little po-dunk town on the way to bridal shop. $105 ticket. Couldn't just give me a warning...NO...end of the month, had to give me a ticket!

Well at least clocks go back tonight and I get an extra hour of sleep. I need it. Enough complaining - tomorrow I am going to do some creating!