A Pencil turned Rocket? Yep.

I have another great template to share with you from My Time Made Easy's August release. This template is called Pencil You In and, as the name suggests, it creates an adorable pencil shaped package. But I wanted to turn it into something else so I put on my creative headgear (don't you wish there was something like that? I know I could use it from time to time!) and turned the pencil template into a rocket! Take a look and then I will tell you how I changed it up.

Ok, so here is what I did - no real big changes, I assure you. I created the rocket body with the pointed top piece as the directions instruct you to. I added a simple strip of silver cardstock at the top, right where the body means the pointed section and this was added just as a little trim piece.

The bottom - or eraser section - was also constructed as the directions indicated but I left off the added strip that is supposed to look like the metal going around the pencil that holds the eraser on. Make sense?

Here's the biggest alteration - added the 2 rocket "fins". See the diagram below:

I started with a die cut oval which I cut in half lengthwise. Then I took both pieces and cut off a section at the bottom of the half-ovals so there would be a flat edge at the bottom. Finally I cut a small section from each piece as indicated by the dashed lines in the last section of my diagram above.

This left me with a little tab - see the section above the dashed lines? To stick my fins to my rocket, I simply used a craft knife and cut a slit in the side of the rocket body - one on the left and one on the right - and then inserted that tab into the slot. No adhesive was needed - the piece tucked in and just stayed put.

My last step was to add some ribbon "fire" to the base of my rocket so they would trail out from the bottom. The bottom can still be removed from the package in order to insert a gift item.

The card was made to match the rocket and the sentiment I used is from the On Display 1 digital set. Clean, simple, and eye-catching! And we always need more options for the guys, don't you think?

That's it for me today but be sure to stop by Lauren's blog for more Pencil You In ideas and be sure to check out the exciting news from Lauren below and VOTE!

From My Time Made Easy:
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Have a great day and I will see you again soon!
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Romaine said...

What fun, Mary!

Karien said...

This is great!!!