It's time for some new goodies from My Time Made Easy (releasing tomorrow, July 1st). Today I have a fun package using the new template, In-Dispensable. For this gift, I decided to make a couple of minor adjustments to the template - take a look at the project and then I'll tell you more.

When I started putting In-Dispensable together, it reminded me of one of those boxes that hold candy bars that people bring to work to help their kids sell for school. Sound familiar? So I played off that idea and came up with a fun gift for a co-worker who recently got a promotion.

I created the In-Dispensable template but left off the cover/lid piece. I also added a strip of printed paper (one of the prints in the Country Cakes Pretty Impressions Printables set) to the front edge of the package and one to the top edge. The rectangle of yellow cardstock at the back of the package is also an addition - I wanted something to hold the piece with the computer generated sentiment. No template needed for these pieces - just measure and cut rectangular pieces to fit.

I filled the box with 100 Grand bars because, let's face it - if you got a promotion, that's what you want to start earning, I'm sure - multiple times over!

So that's the first look I have for you of the new In-Dispensable template. I'll be back on the 1st with another sample - this time without the alterations. Meanwhile, be sure to visit my teammates for more indispensable ideas:

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  • Enjoy your Sunday!

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    Karien said...

    Hi Dawn
    Yes it sounds familiar, great idea!

    wendy said...

    great idea, love it

    Dawn said...

    Great idea for the box, love it. x

    Anonymous said...

    Mmmm... I could really go for one of those chocolate bars, lol! What a great idea for the In-dispensible template.

    Leigh Penner said...

    Oh, I love this!

    Farida Rone said...

    This box is super cool. Love the idea.