Ten on Tuesday

Lists are kinda my thing so today I bring you my recent life in list form.

1. I locked my keys in my car yesterday when I stopped to get gas on my way home from work. I would have taken a picture to share but my phone was locked in the car too. After calling from the gas station phone, my hubby did rescue me about 20 minutes later.

2. I took my son to school yesterday evening. I know that's not monumental but here's the thing...keep in mind he's in a wheelchair...I dropped him off and let him into the class building. Got back in my car. Two seconds later, an employee comes out of the building, flagging me down. I rolled my car window down and she says Jacob must have forgotten something because she heard him say "Crap" and then started heading toward the door. Forgotten something? I don't think so. I head back in the building and he tells me I dropped him off at the wrong building. Class is across campus. My fault....or his?

3. Picked up some Vitamin B complex to start taking for....? I don't remember why I should start taking it. I hope it's to help my memory. Then maybe I won't drop my son off at the wrong building any more.

4. I'm in redecorating mode in my house. The kitchen theme of apples is gone and is now replaced with coffee decor. Not sure why as I am not a coffee drinker but I like the look of it.

5. I have also gotten some new items to replace some older, tired items in the living room and dining room. It feels like a new house. Not really but I can pretend.

6. Another winter storm is moving through later today. Rain turning to freezing rain turning to snow. #imoverwinteralready.

7. Of course, tomorrow is my day off and I have plans to leave the house. Old man winter might be changing all that.

8. Remember I mentioned a week or so ago that my dog hurts her leg/hip/back? Well, she seems to be good as new. Thought you might like an update.

9. I am in vacation planning mode. We are taking a week and driving to Florida to go to Universal Studios. Really looking forward to Harry Potter world! Not really looking forward to 18 hours in the car each way.

10. Finally, I have a card to share that should have been posted last week but I forgot. See #3. This is the last of the cards I will be making for the Pretty Palette Challenges as the challenges are closing :( But I do have some good news to share starting Friday so more then! Our colors for this last challenge were pink, rose, yellow and green - perfect for this adorable dragon!

I can't picture him being the fire-breathing type, can you? All products are from My Time Made Easy (except ribbon).

That wraps it up for me today. See you again soon!

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Dawn said...

How cute is this dragon, must have a play with these, my daughter is going to love them. xxx

Haley D. said...

It can be entirely your fault if he got out of the car at the wrong building! We are going to Harry Potter world too! You'll have to message me the dates you'll be down there. I don't think I could do 18 hours in the car. We're about 9hours away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary. I feel your pain. I think it's the February blaahs. I love your little dragon card BTW. Can't wait to see what you've been up to over the next few days! Tracy:)