Newly organized craft space

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me for a tour of my newly organized craft room.

A couple of weeks ago, I was stamping with a friend and suddenly realized that my craft room felt very unorganized. Not that it really was (I pride myself on being organized) but I felt distracted by some things in this Iris cart and other things on this shelf and still more stuff in another cart and so on. I definitely felt a reorganizing was in order. Of course, this came on the heels of organizing the kitchen so maybe I was just bit by an overly aggressive bug of some freak nature. But none-the-less, I went with the feeling and started by emptying out a wall and a half in the craft room. Why not the whole room? Well, to start, I share the room with my hubby and I wasn't inclined to organize his space. Although he did benefit by my work, gaining a larger bookshelf to hold some of his crap things. The other section that was untouched in the room was my desk. I love my desk...it is just the right size and holds a lot of items that I use often and as it is an L-shaped desk, there are only so many places to go with it so I left it right where it was and just reorganized the things on it.

Here is a little peek at what the room looked like before the change:

The wall to the right was the one that needed help. Mostly.

So, once the space I wanted to re-do was empty, I formulated a plan and headed to IKEA. I purchased 2 single Expedit shelving units and 1 2x2 Expedit unit, a couple of black baskets and a bunch of other things not intended for the craft room (I mean, I don't get to IKEA often so I might as well load up, right?)

The shelves were assembled within a few hours and in the room. And then the fun began. Reorganizing the stuff that goes ON the shelves. I did manage to box up some things I no longer use to send to a local charity (they're always looking for craft supplies) and a few things went the way of the garbage. In the end, I managed to combine everything from 2 bookcases and 2 Iris carts all into this one new wall of storage. Here's a look at the (almost) final results:

Standing near hubby's desk in his half of the room

From my desk, here is half of the new unit. Yes, that is Scott Bakula in the bottom left corner. Love.

The other half of the new unit with the necessary TV

Here's the whole thing again from the perspective of hubby's desk. To the right of the TV is a closet that is full of my stuff too. Organized as well, I might add.

This is one portion of my desk. I can't show you the work section of the desk because I have too many works-in-progress cluttering it up right now.

This just shows the light box I use for photographing cards and you can see my inkpad storage tower on the corner of my desk. The ribbon holder on the wall is a new addition to the room as well.

So, that's pretty much it. I'm waiting for a couple of 31 storage cubes to arrive that will be going in the shelving unit to hold some of what you can see at the moment. And I have a shelf I am painting to go on the wall over my TV and it will hold a few little odds and ends. I feel much more "together" now!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my craft room. It's not huge or luxurious but it works for me!

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Dawn said...

Looking good, Mary! (Pssst...I love Scott Bakula too).

Theresa said...

Love the shelves. I wish I had the patience to go through and Ikea store. I went one afternoon and I ended up having to get help to get out. I was so lost. I need some storage like you have. Thanks for sharing. I think I'll have it shipped to me!!