Wreath for a special guy

Tomorrow morning, my sister and I are heading to southern Ohio to visit with my cousin who is in a nursing home. He is 2 years younger than me, putting him at 50. See, he had brain cancer many years ago and as a result of past treatments, he now suffers frequent mini strokes and his wife can no longer care for him adequately at home. He falls if he attempts to walk, he forgets important things like taking medication, and so on and at the age of 50, she needs to work to support their son and the unfortunate reality is that health care will not provide round the clock care for someone in their own home. We have even been told that when it comes to our son Jacob, if he will need someone to basically be with him 24 hours, he has no choice but to live in a facility. Scary thought when he is just 24 and his brain works better than yours or mine. But I digress. I haven't seen my cousin in about 4 years so we're heading out tomorrow for a holiday visit and taking along a little decor to brighten up his room:

Sorry the bow is a little blurry. I wanted something nice and bright as his eyesight isn't what it used to be so I put together this wreath with bright colored ornaments, a mitten printed bow and a plushy reindeer ornament hanging in the center. I really love the way this turned out and I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it. That and the homemade chocolate chip cookies my sister is making for him!

By the way, speaking of Christmas, my decor is finally finished around the house - and the baking is almost done too. Wahoo!! Here are a couple of pictures from around the house:

This is the back wall of my family room with the fresh pine wreath I made at Beautiful Blooms by Jen a week ago. LOVE that smell!

My kitchen is decorated with all Santas and elves (but my elves don't move!)

If you click on the picture of the tree, you'll see a larger version...hopefully you can see just how tightly packed those ornaments are! I need to stop buying new ones - there is just no room!
The rest of the living room is primarily red, green and gold with a few angels and the nativity. The family room is all white, red, snowmen and cardinals...outdoorsy. It all came together after a week and I'm glad it's up now for awhile!

I will be back Tuesday with another wreath to share - this time one I created using deco mesh! Stay tuned!