12 Photos on 12-12-12

I have been trying to keep up with Photo 365 this year, taking one photo each day for an entire year. Most days it gets to be 10 pm and I have no idea what I'm going to take a picture of but somehow, I have managed to pull it off. And the year is almost up so go me!

An idea I saw posted online was to take 12 photos on 12-12-12. I thought it was a great idea but there was no way I could wait until 10 pm and then figure out what I was going to take pictures of so this challenge required a bit more thought on my part. While the pictures may not be the best, I did reach 12. Here they are in a SmileBox collage:

Let me see if I can describe what's what. Starting in the top left corner, the early morning frost on my windshield (lovely....not!), next in line, McDonalds for breakfast (love their oatmeal)!  Below the McD's bag is my computer screen at work (blech) and a Kohl's bag from a quick Christmas shopping run I made after work.

Under the frosty car we have a photo of Amazon boxes that were delivered to my house - now THAT's my idea of Christmas shopping! Next to the boxes are the first "wrapped" gift of the season, ready for its recipient. The next picture in line is of my messy creating station where I went to make yet another Christmas card today.

On the bottom row is the Magic Wok bag full of dinner (no, I didn't cook all day, thankyouverymuch), and my evening snack (jellybeans). Next to the jellybeans is a photo of what was once a couple of pine cones I set out as part of my Christmas decor but today became snacks for my dog! She helped herself and started pulling them apart so in the trash they went.

Finally, I have a photo of the calendar and a photo of a cookie plate that I made up for a friend. And if I could add one last photo, it would be of me waving goodnight....see you again soon!