Stick a fork in me, I'm done

Sunday was my last day as a Close To My Heart consultant. I have been wth the company for 12 years - a record in employment time for me. A few people have asked me why I decided to leave. Here are a few reasons why I changed course:

* I have been a Junior level consultant for the past couple of years and can longer support myself in this business. My customer base has shrunk tremendously over the years and new business just has not been easy to come by. I'm still surprised by this because in this area, we have lost all of our scrapbook/stamping stores. I assumed this would help increase my business but truthfully, I just don't find as many people who are into these hobbies as they once were.

* My tastes and style has changed over the years and while I still like the CTMH products, I have other lines that I like as well - and want to "play" with - and I need to pick and choose. CTMH has always been my go-to choice but I am not entirely satisfied with that after 12 years.

* I am branching into other areas that aren't stamping/scrapping related. My new business, Petite-Party Planners, is ready to roll so I want to devote more time to building that. Plus my new crafty partnership with Carolyn Savage (a.k.a. Mama on the Fly) will hopefully be expanding soon. On top of these new experiences, I still work part-time, care for my son, and do the routine mom and wife things. So I am trying to find areas in which to cut back and the time was just right to say goodbye to Close To My Heart.

BUT, I'm still going to be around!! And I have made so many great friends through CTMH that I certainly won't be disappearing! The consultants with Close To My Heart are fabulously creative, fun and inspirational and I definitely need daily doses of that in my life! So, I hope to keep in touch with all my crafty buddies and you all need to keep in touch with me, too!

Thank you to everyone connected to Close To My Heart who have been so helpful over the years. You kept me going even when things got crazy - sometimes good crazy and sometimes not so good. Thank you to everyone who made Virtual Convention a huge success for a number of years, and who continue to get inky with us at Heart 2 Heart Challenges (which I will continue to manage until the end of the year). I raise my inkpad to you all and wish you the very best in your career with CTMH!



Lorrinda said...

:( It was CTMH that connected us, and you will certainly be missed by the H2H Design Team Alumni! I am sure this was not a decision you made lightly, 12 years is a pretty good run and it must feel like leaving a part of your family.
I wish you all the best in your future crafty endeavors, but I won't say goodbye because I am sure to see you around in cyberspace.

Romaine said...

Sad to hear, but will continue to enjoy your work via MTME and the blogosphere! Love your work, Mary. 13 years is fantastic! I will hit a mere 3 with CTMH in January and have actually had my little club grow this past year with new customers. :0)

Haley D. said...

While I'm sad to see you officially leave CTMH, I know where to find you! CTMH brought us together, and you now have a loyal follower- and friend! You will continue to inspire people in all that you do.

Lori said...

Mary, while we're sad to see you go, only you know what is right for you. And I know you'll succeed in your new venture! Best of luck