A week in review

A look back at this past week:

1. Finished creating the components of 2 party displays for Petite-Party Planners that were set up at my booth in today's Sylvania Fall Fest. I was very pleased with the results and handed out a lot of business cards at the event. Will post a picture soon (or if you follow me on Facebook, I posted a photo of my table there).

2. Went for a little photo walk through Harroun Park early one evening. You can find the whole album on Flickr but here's one picture to share: (sorry it's so small - go to the gallery for larger images)

3. Remember that tree that has ruined my roof twice now? Had the sucker cut down this weekend.

4. Got a bit of a break from helping Jacob with homework this week. Love weeks like that.

5. Had lunch with a friend at a new-to-me restaurant in downtown Toledo. Review coming soon.

6. Speaking of reviews, I was contacted by a comedian/author who sent me his book to read and review. I love perks like that as a blogger. I hope it's worth the read.

7. Went to my sister's Tastefully Simple Open House this weekend. Bought more Tastefully Simple goodies even though my pantry is full of them. I just can't resist the goodness.

8. Speaking of siblings, got in an email fight with my brother. Wasn't pretty. That's all I'm saying about that.

9. The Detroit Tigers are going to the World Series. Yay. (Truthfully, I could care less - I just added that for my husband. It's the only thing about this post he'll care about).

10. Got nothing else. Have a good week.



Karen Clark said...

At card club last week, the ladies were so excited that the Tiger won that I was excited for THEM!! Hey, as long as I don't have to watch!!