Ay Yi Yi

So I've been sitting in a hospital bed the better part of three days and I tried to blog about it yesterday only I accidently published the post to the wrong blog and when trying to make a correction, I lost everything I had typed. So let's try this again:

I'm at the hospital with pancreatitis. Who gets that? Well they tell me usually one of three people: 1) people with gallbladders that are causing them trouble. Not me, I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago. 2) people who drink too much alcohol. Again, not me unless 1 (or 2) glasses of wine every three months or so is too much. Which I'm thinking it isn't. Or 3) GOK. What is GOK? God Only Knows. Yep, that's me. I wacky don't fit the mold medically individual.

It started as a little stomach ache on Friday evening. Turned into a larger stomach ache on Saturday morning. Bad enough that I took a trip to the ER. Pancreatic enzymes were elevated so I was admitted. CAT scan showed inflammation of the pancreas but from what? Who knew. First 24 hours I was NPO - no food or liquid. Giving the pancreas a time to chill out. By Sunday it was determined that I needed an MRI to see if there was a blockage. Had to wait until Monday as apparently they don't do MRIs on Sundays. (Must be a religious thing - I'm in a "religious: hospital). Monday I headed off to the MRI which was finally conducted after I had a mini freak out. I don't like enclosed spaces. Oh there were tears. Amd hyperventilating. And then the Valium kicked in and I got through it. The results? No blockage. Yay!

So I'm in one more night to see how the pain is going (and it can go any time I tell ya!) and to see how I tolerate a little food. Then I should be headed home on a bland diet until all is rested and recuperated. Finally, an outpatient test will be conducted in 3-4 weeks to determine if there is anything like a small tumor lurking in the pancreas but the doctors didn't really think so.

It was just one of those weird things. One of those weird things that I hope never to revisit!



Romaine said...

Oh Mary....sending healing and "get well" wishes your way!

Haley D. said...

Of course you wouldn't fit the mold! I'm so glad you got through the MRI. Hubby had a really hard time with his and I had to be there with him. I'm keeping you in my prayers!

Amy said...

Get well soon Mary!