Photo 365

I started Photo 365 on January 4th of this year and so far, I have gotten a picture every single day. Well, except for March 1st but I know what I need a picture of and I'm going back, taking one and then faking that I actually took it on March 1st. It's the memories that matter people, not the particulars!

Anyhow, I don't have a very exciting life so my photos tend to be a bit mundane. With that in mind, I thought I would share a few recent additions to the file (PS - I use an app called Photo 365 to keep all of these photos together. Worth checking into if you want to try this yourself).

A photo of a bird's nest in the tree that is right in front of my porch. It's a robin's nest, I believe.

A corner of my newly painted bathroom. Waiting for finishing touches - like wallpaper on the bottom half. Someday that project will be completed. We only had the bathroom remodeled in November. Give me a break.

The neighbor kids playing in the water. Because somedays there is just nothing in my own life worth taking a picture of. This makes the thought of taking 365 of them somewhat daunting.

So there's a little peek into what's on my Photo 365. Yeah, you're not missing much.