Holy moley!

Yesterday afternoon I was on the front porch, relaxing with my dog by my side, and talking on the phone to my Mom. And while I was just chilling there I noticed that over to the side of my porch, the dirt in the garen area that runs along the front of my house looked a little odd. Like it was unsettled. I chalked it up to a big storm we had a week or so ago and assumed that the water pouring off the overhang had affected the dirt. So I finished my conversation and decided - since it's been awhile now since we've had any rain - to start the sprinkler. The flowers were needing it greatly. Around to the hose I go and it became very evident what caused the disturbance in the garden:

It's hard to get good pictures of mole tunnels but there you have it! That sucker has woven his way through all of the garden-y area along the front of my house and, as of today, along the side of my house as well. What really ticks me off about the whole thing is that I just recently finished planting and weeding and mulching and making sure that these areas all looked really nice and now they are jumbled, heaving masses of ground with mulch thrown on to the sidewalk and dirt thrown out of the garden in piles. And we have a dog so what exactly is wrong with this mole? Does he not fear being eaten by a dog? Apparently not.

Now I have to research the best way to get rid of the little demon rodent. Oh, how I love the wild life!



Lorrinda said...

A summer project! We got rid of one by flooding the tunnels with a garden hose. But ours weren't near the house foundation. May flood your basement too if not careful. I've also heard that cayenne pepper in the tunnel tracks repels them. There is always a mole trap, but then someone has to empty it...eww. Good luck!

Krista said...

my mom swears by dropping pieces of foil wrapped gum into the holes. they're attracted to the smell/sweetness but end up eating the wrapping and die. kind of gruesome but not expensive