What I learned while making a card... or trying to make one

Did you ever have one of those days when you just couldn't get the creativity to work? Well I've had two of them...all trying to make the same card. So I don't have anything to show you yet (I am still defeated at this point) but here is what I have learned along the way:

1. While buying unmounted stamps may be cheaper, make sure you have a block that is large enough to adhere the piece of rubber to or stamping with it will just be an exercise in patience.

2. When coloring a large image with many small parts and rather crummy eyesight, it might be best to work in sections and not try to complete the entire piece at one time. Especially when working with markers as they tend to stray outside the lines over time, due to afore-mentioned eyesight.

3. It's only cardstock and it can be thrown away.

4. When coloring with pencils, be sure to have a sharpener on hand or that line straying thing will occur  - again.

5. The trash can is your friend.

6. When attempting to airbrush sky around the completely colored image, be sure there is enough compressed air in the can to finish the project. (drats!)

7. When creating a stunning background using a mildly complicated technique in order to stamp the large image in black only and let the colors of the background shine through, be sure the stamp doesn't have stray ink that will leave a smudge on the background. *(double - expletive - drats!!)

8. Once in awhile it is a good idea to empty the full trash can.

9. When the impulse to tear rubber, break pencils and throw just about anything across the room begins, it is time to walk away and consider choosing another image for the next project.

That's all I have. You may or may not ever see the card that this post inspired. Time will tell.



The Paper Princess said...

Hi Mary,

Boy, we all have days like that, don't we? But nice way to turn a frustrating situation around into a great post! Hope you are able to pull it together to share your final product with us - although, if it doesn't come together, it would actually be fun to see some of the "oopsies" along the way as well!

Ramona :-)

Gina said...

I had one of those days too, and finally just waled away and grabbed a book.

Jayma Malme said...

I've been struggling with some canvas art I'm working on. Love the comedic tone of this post...put a smile on my face. Maybe tomorrow will be the day it works out (needs to be...it's for a wedding gift, and the wedding is Sunday!). I saw that your card worked out beautifully...there is hope for me ;)