Speaking of....

So what do you think of the new blog look? I'm not sure why I feel the need to change it every once in awhile except that I get bored looking at the same thing all of the time so I imagine you do too. Of course, I should have been spending my time stamping (those 150 notecards are not going to make themselves!) or taking down my Christmas tree (I got as far as the garland and there she stands....partially naked).

Speaking of naked, our Leia girl (http://ridiculouslab.blogspot.com/) is looking all spiffy in a new collar that Santa left in her stocking. The funny part was watching her when we took her current collar off. She ran around the house like "I am free from the hideous collar bondage!"....either that, or she was playing keep away because she associates the removal of the collar with the imminent danger of a bath! But no bath tonight - too darn cold!

Speaking of cold, I'm not a fan of hot weather but this cold has been insane!! And by tomorrow, we should have 3-5 inches of snow on the ground in the morning. Yeah I'm thrilled. Especially since I will be the one shoveling as hubby is in more pain from his hernia, which thankfully will be surgically corrected on Monday.

Speaking of surgery, will I make it through Monday before he drives me crazy? Don't think so! This is the first real medical thing the man has ever faced and, although I have had three major surgeries, you would think he's the only one to ever have surgery of any kind. Pray for my sanity. I'm gonna need it.

So how's life been treating you?



Stephanie said...

I think the new 'do looks fab....I noticed it as soon as I hopped over. Love the color combo :)

Terri Davenport said...

Love the new blog look! (Although I have to confess that I usually read from google reader and so I don't have any idea what the old one looked like.) I should probably follow your example one of these days. :)

Hope you survive until Monday!

JazzyH said...

Great look!

Anonymous said...

The new blog looks great. I too feel the need to change things up quite often. As for your husband good luck, I'll be praying that you keep your sanity. Why is it when men get sick it's major drama, and the world comes to an end. But when we do it's just and every day occurance and the world keeps turning. LOl Good luck again!

Denise said...

New look os cool! Yep, men are babies when they have a problem. I had surgery on 12-2 and then emergency on 12-15 for I started bleeding like very bad. You would think that the whole house is falling down around me on the couch because I am not up and moving. Husband is finally doing things that I have asked about for years (change the high, clip and peg post light bulbs-he has done like 40 of them this past month-I can see again), Hook up the TV that has been sitting on the counter for the past year, re-attatch the fron door lock that has been on the counter for weeks!

He thinks he is doing so much for the daily routine-nope just maintenance he should have been doing for the last 9 years!

Denise Wells

Gina said...

I like the new look! Good luck surviving having a post surgical hubby!

Kay said...

I know just what you mean about making blog changes because I was just thinking mine needed a "makeover" I think it's a female thing - and it's easier than moving all the furniture, that's for sure.