7:57 pm

June, over at Bye, Bye Pie, thought for some reason that it would be fun if her readers would grab their cameras today at 7:57 pm and take unplanned photos of our family at that time. In a moment of insanity, I thought this sounded like a fun idea. Until I realized that I run the risk of boring or scaring my readers away but this is us. Ar 7:57 pm this evening. Warning: nudity ahead.

First, a little background on my day. I get up at 5:45, get ready for work, and get my son ready for school. We leave about 8:15 and I work until 1:30 when I go back to school to pick the son up. Then home, lunch, check mail, get son settled doing something with his afternoon. (For those who don't know, my son is disabled so I spend a fair amount of time helping him with daily "stuff"). Then I made dinner (lasagna) and took out the garbage (NOT normally my job but hubby can't do any lifting yet).

And then I grabbed the camera:

First subject: Princess Leia. Hanging out in the kitchen to see if there is either A) any scraps from dinner that might drop her way or B) any scraps from the garbage that I just took out that might drop her way. She's not picky.

Next on the 7:57 tour is the hubby hanging out on the living room couch chillin' with his iPod. Still recuperating so I can't say too much. Except that he's starting to resemble a slug. Good thing he's going back to work on Sunday. I need to regain my space when he's gone during the day. Like that couch. For a nap.

Our daughter was here this evening to help out with son's bath. Also NOT my job, but again, hubby's on lifting restrictions and a 100 lb. dripping wet person is not on his list of "can-do"s. Although as you can see I'm not helping much here - just snapping photos that make my son want to scream at me. Not much to see here - move along.....

After finishing the bathing, taking the dog out for the 254th time for the day and helping my daughter haul a metal Havahart animal trap into our attic (yes, our friendly critter is still residing upstairs and keeps eluding traps!), I finally have a chance to sit and watch an episode of "Heroes" that I missed 2 weeks ago. Oh and here's me, catching a breath:

No there's nothing wrong with the photo - I always look that blurry.

See you again soon!



June Gardens said...

I know you will be stunned to hear that I am in love with that dog.

The Mama Monkey said...

ROTFL!!! So fun, Mary!

Joann Mannix said...

Hi Mary,

Coming over from June's Blog to say hello. Your night was definitely tougher than mine. And no healthy husband to help. I feel sorry for both of you.

Oh and your doggie, too gorgeous for words. She matches your floor, just like my dogs. Did you do that on purpose?

peggysue said...

Oh Mary that made me laugh. I think I am usually a blur too . . . and I can resemble a slug when I put a little bit of effort into it. Thanks for sharing this little peek into your day. Cute idea.

Grace said...

Mary thanks for the walk through your house and life tonight! It's good to get to know eachother better! I do hope hubby is up and around soon!!! You have your hands full! Thank goodness for DDs!!! I feel like I'm in a blur a lot too... hope things settle down soon!!! Hugs!

Gina said...

How fun! I like your blur picture,I think that sums up a lot of us!

Stephanie said...

you are a hoot & I love it!!! thanks for making me smile & sharing your wonderful life with us :)