Star Wars in Concert

To say my son is a Star Wars fan would be an understatement. By a loooong shot. He is not only a fan, admirer and general SW nut but also a walking encyclopedia about all things Star Wars. And I don't just mean the 6 movies. You didn't know there was more than the 6 movies? Well let me tell ya, his Star Wars book list (in the chronological order of the Galaxy) numbers more than 300 titles. Yes Virginia, there is a lot of Star Wars the common man does not fathom. Or in the words of Yoda, "Know little of the galaxy, you do"...or something like that.

Anyhow, last night we went to see Star Wars in Concert and it was fabulous! It was a symphonic concert of all of the music from the six films played while watching various clips from the movies on a giant screen. Oh and it was narrated by Anthony Daniels A.K.A. C-3PO. The gold droid for those not in tune with the Force.

So I have a few pictures to share and I put them in a little slideshow you can see below. Some of the pics are of Star wars memoribilia that on exhibit at the concert and some from the concert itself:

I was even able to shoot a view short videos and hope to upload those to You Tube - if you're interested, leave me a comment and I will direct you to those for more Star Wars viewing fun.

Off to bed now - may the Force be with you!



Anonymous said...
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Grace said...

Oh my... this must have been so fun!!! Great pictures!

peggysue said...

That is sweet, what great pictures you uploaded! I'm sure your DS had a good time.

Stephanie said...

I had a student who went to the show in Pittsburgh a week or so ago. He loved it (and the ice skating that followed). Thanks for sharing the photos - now I can ask him about specific things :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh..where do you live? I saw an advertisement for this in the cleveland paper over thanksgiving. thoughtmy kids would enjoy it too...only we don't live in OHIO! haha

Gina said...

It is coming here soon, I am going to try and get tickets for my hubby for our anniversary. Thanks forleting me know about it!