Creatures are stirring....

Ok before I get to this card, I have to tell you that this post title covers two items for today: one being the card I have to share with you and the other about a real creature, or as we call it, the critter. Well I've been known to call it a few other things as well but I won't share that here.

We have a critter in our attic. Now in the past, we had a chipmunk which we did eventually eradicate from the premises (don't ask how if you don't want to know). And now something else has moved in. And I think this one is bigger, cause it seems to make more noise. But we have yet to figure out what it is and how it keeps getting in, which is really frustrating.

So hubby has been setting traps baited with peanut butter. This smarty pants thing can flip the trap and clean the peanut butter completely and not get caught! I think it's human. Although I don't think a human could eventually position itself between the ceiling of our family room and the roof, where there is no attic to stretch out in. Just ceiling and then roof. And insulation that I am expecting makes for a great hibernation lining. Which is what I think the critter is now doing because he is completely avoiding the trap now (food and all) and the noise has diminished. But I am not foolish enough to think he has left the building. So I guess we just wait and see what happens.

At least I don't think I will be greeted by this critter in the way these guys appeared from the Christmas tree:

Creatures flying from the tree on a plunger, of all things! Doesn't this image and saying just crack you up??? I actually bought the image around Halloween time and wasn't sure what sentiment to pair it with and then found this one in the December releases at Eat Cake Graphics and knew it would be perfect with my flying mice (mice are from Eat Cake Graphics too). The DP is from SEI and the pine branches are part of a set from Fourishes.I added a little strip of ribbon and a few red sparkles to finish off the card. I think it is just too cute!

Last, my term with Corrosive Challenges is now over but I wanted to take a minute to thank Janet for having me on the Design Team these last few months. I wish her new team best of luck and have a great time! I will be back soon with more inspiration to share so until then, have a creative day!



peggysue said...

I have to say I hate creates in the attic, just reading about yours is making my skin crawl. We get them too sometimes, we are constantly putting out the mouse trap. Is there a house anywhere immune? If so, I'm buying it! Cute card, thanks for sharing.

JazzyH said...

How cute!

Jennifer McGee said...

Love that card! Hopefully your critter problem will end well and soon.

Stephanie said...

Ha ha ha!! This had me laughing out loud! Love it, Mary :)

The Mama Monkey said...

This is the best card ever!! ROTFL! I hope your critter leaves soon. We had one last year, that took it's last breath and started to stink my house up on Dec 23rd. oh yeah, that stunk...literally!!!