Las Vegas trip

This is my 2nd post for the day so be sure to scroll down to check out the Corrosive Challenge for the week!

I have a little vacation recap to share and a slideshow, if you want to take a peek at some pics from the trip. As I mentioned before, DH, myself and son Jacob all went to Las Vegas for 4 days this past week. Jake just turned 21 in August and we thought he would enjoy Vegas. Well, to start, he went with the idea that he was not going to gamble because he was not about to lose money. But he did gamble and of course, he won more than hubby and I combined. Of course.

So we got to Vegas on Tuesday, checked in to Planet Hollywood (note to all: we wouldn't recommend staying there if you consider a trip to Vegas - it was just OK and there are much nicer places to stay for about the same price). Did a little walking, had dinner, spent a little time gambling and went to bed. Exciting, aren't we?

Wednesday, we walked. And walked. And walked! My legs will never be the same. Oh but before we walked, we went to a timeshare tour. All for free buffet tickets. 2 hours of my life gone for buffet tickets. Oh well.

Saw 1/2 of the strip in the afternoon, about 1/3 of the strip in the evening. All walking. Did I mention that before? Luckily, the temperatures were on our side. Low 80s. Much nicer than the other times I have been there when the low was 104.

Wednesday evening we went to the Donny and Marie show at the Flamingo (also where Jacob "hit it big" on the Kenny Rogers slots). The show was AWESOME!!! I even got to shake Marie's hand (although I would have rather it had been Donny but what's a girl to do). I was able to bug my husband with the Marie handshake thing the rest of the week.

"Oh, you won $20 - well I got to shake Marie's hand!" Yep, nothing beat that to DH.

Thursday started off with a trip to Viva Las Vegastamps for some rubber stamp shopping. That didn't turn out as I planned as they really didn't have much I wanted despite having a lot of stamps but I am just not into the art deco type stamps and the wood mounted stamps. So $75 later - most of which was spent on taxis to get to this store, I ended up with three stamps. Big deal. But now I know and it's not something I would make a trip for again. The rest of Thursday was spent walking more, gambling more, eating and packing back up for our trip home on Friday.

All in all it was a fun trip although we A.) did too much walking! Next time, now that our son has experienced most of the casinos, we won't feel so compelled to go look at everything! B.) didn't care for Planet Hollywood so much - next time, I think it's Paris for us C.) didn't come home rich or even money ahead - well, except for Jacob! But I did have a great time taking pictures with my new Canon SX200 and if you'd like to take a look, I have a little slideshow here that offers additional commentary on the slides.

Thanks for letting me share!



Kay said...

What great pictures! It's been a really long time since I was in Vegas - we stayed at the Flamingo but it was almost 20 years ago (yikes!!) so I'm sure everything has changed - as much as casinos change I guess. Glad you all had a good time!

Elizabeth said...

Totally Jealous. I would love to go see the Donny and Marie show. I painted my bedroom purple when I was a kid and wanted to be Marie. Can I touch your hand? :)

Dell said...

Great pictures. Looks like you are all having a great time! I love Vegas and all the shows you can see. The Donny and Marie show sounded like a lot of fun.

Stephanie said...

love the slideshow - thanks for sharing the pics!! that ceiling was amazing :) so glad you had a good time :)

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