Corrosive Halloween

Well let me tell you - this is the post that almost wasn't!

We got home from vacation on Friday evening (and I will have more vacation stories to share another day) and we went to bed at a reasonable time and all three of us woke up about 5:30 with incredible headaches, lightheadedness, nausea....very gross. So our initial thought was it was from the flight, pressure change, etc. Took some Advil, went back to bed. A couple hours later, we still all feel awful! So to make a long story a little shorter, turns out it was our furnace and carbon monoxide! There was a big bird's nest in our furnace exhaust blocking the air exchange and it was filtering back into the house. A normal carbon monoxide reading is about 9 - ours was up to about 80! Yeah, not good. So a couple hundred dollars later, a furnace guy cleaned and inspected everything, the carbon monoxide level went down and our headaches went away. And I finally felt well enough to get this card created for Corrosive Challenges - this week's theme is Halloween!

I just got this stamp while away on vacation - I couldn't resist it! It is from Eat Cake Graphics - they have some of the cutest images and sentiments and shipping is really reasonable. Oh and in case you can't read the saying, it says "Halloween Tip #63: Don't eat all the candy in your plastic pumpkin at once." Cracks me up!

Here's my Big Ideas to go along with this week's card:

*Easy background - 3 strips of cardstock run through the Cuttlebug with an embossing folder and cut to fit the card front. A little texture, quick and simple.

*Leave your Nestabilities die in place and add some pen detailing around the inner edge for a different look. I used a simple dash and dot design on this image.

I hope you'll stop by the Corrosive Challenge blog and join in the Halloween fun! There's always a goody up for grabs!

And speaking of goodies, my Birthday blog candy winner will be announced later today so check back then and see if you're a winner!



Haley D. said...

Very cute card! Thanks for the tips.

Thank goodness you and your family are okay and that furnace is fixed!!!

Leslie said...

Mary, your card is so cute. I remember those days of wanting to eat everything in the bag. By the time we had emptied and sorted everything I was usually too tired and amazingly enough my stash always disappeared before I could eat too much. That happens when you have 4 older sisters. - grins -
I am so thankful that you and your family are okay. I am sure I would have been freaking out.

Terri Davenport said...

How frightening! So glad all of you are safe!

Love your card!

Kathy J. said...

Yikes! Scary about the furnace - glad everything worked out ok. Can't wait to hear more vacation stories next week!

Dawn Mercedes said...

what a great card! I love the image...too funny. And I like the 3 layers of the cuttlebug folder. AND...GREAT TIP on the nestie and hand drawn embellishment!!! It's a knock out!

Janet said...

super card! glad you are all ok!!

Stephanie said...

oh my goodness, Mary!! I'm glad you are all okay - that's so scary! Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? When I moved into my new house last year, I bought smoke/carbon monoxide combo detectors and placed one on each floor - there's always a news story here about carbon monoxide poisoning, so it really worries me.

Lovin' the card - especially the sentiment w/ this image :) great tips, too!!

Grace said...

Oh great job! Love this card and the good idea!!! Great sentiment! I'm soooo glad you are all ok! Wow! God is good!

Lynne in NI said...

Hilarious card - I love that stamp!
Glad you're all OK - its scary how something so simple as a birds nest can be so lethal!
Great tip on the nestie border too

Elizabeth said...

Hug your family and hold them tight. When you go to bed tonight - say a prayer of thanks. You are a lucky family.

Your card made me chuckle - I look like that before Halloween!

Denise said...

OMG what a scare. I have always been one that I have not had Carbon Monoxide detector till having someone I knew almost die from the poisning. Even though my husband thinks I am silly I insisted we put one in our daughters room window where the back up whole house generator is closest to. Lucky we have not had it go off but none the less I know it is there!

Thank goodness you figured out what it was before it was too late!

Denise Wells