"Ho" Puppet and runny noses

While my nose has stopped running for now, I thought I would pop in and delight you all with a little rambling and some artwork. Gotta make this brief before the nose starts its insane dripping again.

Anyone out there watching Big Brother? O!M!G! If you are, I am certain you can understand my exclamation. What is with these people? If I have to see one more chick cry over Jessie being evicted, I think I will throw myself off a bridge. Or not. But seriously...the drama is way over the top with this group! My son and I have decided that there should be a spin off after last night's episode called "Captain Unitard and the "Ho" Puppet". Think of the possibilities!

If you are a BB fan, who do you think should be in the final two? I'm leaning toward Jeff as one of them for no other reason than I think he's hot. Reason enough.

So here's a little set I made featuring a newer stamp set from PaperTrey Ink: On My Couch:

I used the Milk Made template from Lauren Meader's My Timeless Templates (also available at PTI) and created a treat filled box that holds some candy, a Rice Krispie treat, a gift card (tucked behind the Krispie treat) and a smaller sized milk carton (also from the template) that holds some homemade trail mix. The accompanying item is a package of microwave popcorn simply wrapped in matching DP and tied closed at the ends with ribbon. The sentiment on the popcorn package says "I chair-ish your friendship" and the one on the treat holder says "need a couch day?" Sentiments included with the stamp set. All products are from PaperTrey Ink.

Ok so I am off and running (literally...my nose that is, not me). Have a great evening and I will be back with something lese new tomorrow!


Haley D. said...

What a darling gift set!

JazzyH said...

Great projects!

Sparkle said...

Girl, you crack me up. At the start of each season, Brent and I pick who will win. We've never been right...but my pick was Jeff. Brent's pick was Russell. I think Michelle and Jeff in the top 2 would be worthy.

And your set is just darling! :)

Angie's Scrappin Spot said...

okay i love this.. the couches are fantastic.. I saw you posted over on the Unity board and had to check out your blog... Fantastic stuff here.. will definately be back. Have a great day Mary.

peggysue said...

The sofa set, how cute! And I have that paper, wouldn't have thought of it for the couch, but it looks great! Love the inspiration!

The Mama Monkey said...

I have that PTI set coming in the mail!! I am so excited to receive it! Love your gift set!

Stephanie said...

what a cute set!! I'm lovin' PTI so much lately and can't wait to see the holiday button sets.

As for BB, my mom & I have been watching it for years :) We call each other after the episodes and go over a complete play-by-play!! I really like Jeff to go to the end. I think Jordan is dingy (yes this is an understatement), but a sweet person. I was just really glad to see Chima leave and cracked up at Kevin's HiroChima remark...okay I'll stop now :)