A Day-in-the-Life - Part 2 - the Fun Continues

So I left you at a nap, which frankly did not last long enough, and the remainder of my afternoon was spent, once again, in front of the computer. But all for a good reason this time! I was hosting an online convention for Close To My Heart consultants and I taught an online class and generally just checked in now and again to make sure everything was running smoothly. Which it was. I'm good.

Then we all went out to eat cause we're Birthday celebrating. This is the Birthday man once again with his sister and brother-in-law...aren't they cute all together?

And then there's me and my husband. His nickname is Goofy. Wonder why? And he's really not like the goofiest person you'll ever meet but he does goofy things sometimes. Like make faces at the camera, just because. But that's 100% better than going out in public with hair that looks like mine! Try to block the hair from your mind. It looks like I'm sitting in a wind tunnel. I evem look a little blurry (while Tod - that's my husband - does not - how did that happen?) And no, I wasn't drinking.

Ok forget that hair now, will ya?

And this is Jacob having his 1st legal alcoholic drink - an Absolut Lemonaid. He thought it was "ok". He drank about half. He weighs about 93 pounds so half is plenty for him.

And then there was the obligatory singing and embarrassing the Birthday person by the restaurant staff. Ice cream and balloon mandatory.

The rest of the evening was spent watching a comedy DVD (Jeff Dunham. I love Akmed, the dead terrorist) and eating cake. And I even found a little time to do some stamping. But I can't show you yet what I made - that's for Monday's post. Meanwhile I will share a couple other cards with you I made this past week:

Dorothy in the poppy patch was made for a contest over at The Greeting Farm. Look how creative I was cutting all those bricks for the yellow brick road. And check out the velvet ribbon butterfly! Yowsa!

And this is a card I used as a sample in one of my classes at the online Convention I was talking about earlier. All products are from Close To My Heart.
So that wraps up my day..it's now almost 11:30 and it's time to get some sleep...until 5:45 rolls around and the fun begins again. Thanks for sharing my day with me!


The Mama Monkey said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Jacob!!! What a fun day!

June Gardens said...

Now I am kind of hankering for a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Which is sad, cause it's 7:51 a.m.

Gina said...

you are a busy woman! I love the Anya card, love the field of poppies, that is just too cute.

Stephanie said...

what a fun day, Mary! Jacob looked like he had a fun time as did the rest of your family (what a great bunch!!)

I adore your friends til the end card - great stamp and super color choices!!

I think I know what you were working on for tomorrow's post and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow ... and on-line convention. What a neat idea.

Birthday greetings to Jacob. It sure looks like everyone had a good time.

Kay said...

What a perfect day to blog about! Jacob looks like he was having a blast :)
Love the cards too - online classes, eh? Intriguing!