A Day-in-the-Life Aug 1, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, June, from one of my favorite blogs, Bye Bye Pie, issued a challenge to her readers - to create a day-in-the-life photo "essay" today (Saturday) and blog it. As she put it "You know Saturdays s*ck and no one is going to read you anyhow!" so why not spend the day recording your life and blog about it? I'm in and this is the 1st half of my day. WARNING: it's kinda boring but not as much as a normal Saturday would be. Want to join me? Blog about your day today and leave me a comment to let me know you did and I'll check you out!

This is the time I got up this morning. Well, truthfully, I got up a little earlier but forgot about this whole "take pictures and record your day" thing so it took me awhile to get the camera and snap a pic. Why did I get up so early on a Saturday morning?

Yes, the one with the internal clock always set to 5:45 am was up and needed to go out. I have not slept in completely straight through past 5:45 in the past 955 days - give or take a couple - because Princess Leia has been with us 955 days. Give or take a couple.

So run the dog out, sometimes twice (today was only once), feed her, give her clean water and then check my email:

This is the corner of my family room that you can find me in most often. On the computer. Wasting. My. Life.

An hour later and I am:

{shhhhhh} Back in bed. Usually until about 10. It's like an early morning catnap. But today I have to be up by 9. Grrrr.
So I'm up at 9, dressed and ready for my day. 1st thing that needs to be done is run a very important errand.

Errands? Can Leia go on a car-ride?? please, please, please, please..

Now while she is looking a little possessed here, this is just a portion of Leia's "I'm goin for a car-ride" dance. It includes a lot of jumping, spinning, slamming into the door...maybe into me...fun stuff. So off we go on our extremely important mission. An hour later we are home with the reason for our trip:

CAKE! For Jacob's 21st Birthday, which is today. And yes, an hour round trip for cake is not a sacrifice. Cause it's cake. Gooood chocolate cake. I would drive longer if I had to. And really, do you think the 21 year old son wants roses on his cake? Not really - he'd rather have Hans Solo or Hell's Kitchen or something but he likes frosting...and I like frosting....and roses have lots of frosting....so this is good all around. Besides, he got a cake last week also at the family Birthday shindig and it was his choice then. Well it was kind of his choice now too but not as much.

This is the Birthday boy...errrr, man.

This is him again, laughing maniacly (sp?) as he tries (not) to run me over with his wheelchair. Because he really doesn't like having his picture taken. Even when it is his 21st Birthday.

This is my beautiful daughter who stopped over to bring her brother a little birthday treat and a card that is all about alcohol and drinking. That's the great thing about siblings - they encourage each other to walk on the wild side. And she took him to the license bureau to get a new state ID that says he's 21. So he can drink. Tonight.

And then I am back on the computer, checking out some of my favorite blogs:

That's a 3D ocean themed cake over at Cake Wrecks. Get it? 3D?

And the Meanest Mom - funny post about a teaching interview that wasn't much of an interview. (Gotta love the Trojan ad on the blog - appropriate for a Mom blog....)

And my personal favorite:

Because without June and Bye, Bye Pie, I would not be blogging my Saturday for all the world to see. And how sad if you missed out on all the fun.
I'll be back later for part 2 - right now, I need a nap.
EDIT: Part 2 is now posted - keep scrolling and read the next post to see how the day concluded!


Em said...

Mary, your day is MUCH MORE interesting than mine. After all, you now have a 21-year-old son!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I finally got some more photos of today posted.


HaleyD said...

ROFLOL! You tell that handsome son of yours HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a Georgia Peach!!!! (Today is my brother's b'day too; he is 35 though. Great day to have a b'day IMHO.) Hope you've enjoyed the rest of your day. :) Inky hugs to you and Jacob!

Sandra J. Strickler said...

21 - I bought my brother a 6 pack on his birthday, too!!!
BTW Mary, I tagged you here: http://k3bmom.blogspot.com/2009/08/ive-been-tagged.html

Anonymous said...

I too started out with a clock and ended up with 79 pictures of the dog! Thanks for participating! And for taking a photo of my blog! And for enduring all these exclamation points!

Now bring me some cake.

Stephanie said...

what a fun post!!! I loved hearing about your day, especially seeing Leia's dance :) Hope you enjoyed the icing...I'm the same way - my mom always asks for extra roses on my cake!

thanks so much for sharing, Mary!

peggysue said...

Thanks for the peek into your day, and how can a day be all bad when there is a happy dog and a happy birthday with that great looking cake!

Carpoolqueen said...

Looks like a very fun day - (Here from June's blog). My day did not involve cake, sadly.

Kugo said...

Love the pictures of your dog, my dog does the same dance. Hope your son had a great birthday!

Gina said...

How fun and very happy birthday wishes to your son! I think it is so interesting to get to know my blogging friends a little better!

Elizabeth said...

Well what a neat idea to blog your day. Maybe we should make than and Ocean's-11 theme one weekend.

I am working backwards on the blogs - It sure does look like Jacob has been doing a lot of celebrating. Greetings to the Birthday Boy.