Time Out Tuesday!

Time for a time-out! Today I want to share some randomness with you. It isn't often I get too random, but there you have it - randomness is calling me!

I hope you like shopping because I have to tell you that I am now on ETSY! Yep, finally got the store set up the way I like and have about 10 cards posted there at the moment. I will be posting there regularly so be sure to check in often and see what's new. My cards are priced inexpensively and include mailing to the recipient of your choice (yourself or someone else). You'll find a link to my Etsy store over in the sidebar along with a sampling of what is currently posted there.

I also have a great blog to share with you. I found this one recently and have really enjoyed reading it and I hope you will too. Bye, Bye, Pie is a funny read and for some reason, I have really enjoyed her stories about her dog and cat. Crack me up every time! Her blog is also up for the 2009 BlogLuxe awards as the Funniest Blog. Check her out and vote if you'd like. (Meanest Mom is also up for the same award and she's a lot of fun too - you can find a link to her in my sidebar).

My final randomness is about summer TV. Since I am not an outdoors kinda girl, I like TV. Now I don't watch it all day long (I prefer the quiet) but in the evening, I like nothing better than to sit around and just stare at the screen and let someone in the box entertain me. Except that there isn't much entertaining about summer TV! All of the crap is dished out in the summer because, let's face it, normal people are outside and not watching TV any how! That's irritating to those of us who like to stay in. It's sad to say that the highlight of my TV watching week is The Bachlorette on Monday. And that only lasts a few weeks. So here it is Tuesday and there's not a thing to watch. I would read but reading makes me want to sleep. What do you do during the summer? Are you a TV watcher? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I say we campaign for better summer programming (and don't tell me Wipeout is good TV, Kathy - I'll never buy it!)

Ok that's enough for me - I have to go figure out what to have for dinner (which is about as boring a topic as summer TV!)

See you soon!


Stephanie said...

Even us outdoorsy type (I like tending to my perennial garden) enjoy a good dose of the tube. My pick for this summer is Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Tuesday night. Yes, I know there's no real value to watching these women living the life of luxury except dreaming that could be me :)

Good luck with your Etsy shoppe!

HaleyD said...

You crack me up! I am not a big TV watcher so I can't help you there, but I do love my Netflix subscription.

Gina said...

I am a reader and love to sit outside with a great book.

Scrappingamma said...

Oh Mary! I am right there with you! Only reason the TV goes on here is for the noise. If it wasn't for my TIVO, I would be lost this summer. I do enjoy reruns.

Good Luck with your esty store.

Kathy said...

What? Wipeout is awesome! And...2 hours tonight. That show (and the previews) gets me every time!

Sandra J. Strickler said...

I'm with ya Mary! I usually end up watching cartoons because there's nothing entertaining on for us "big" people. And no throwing tomatoes at the computer screen anyone, but I'M SICK TO DEATH OF REALITY SHOWS (like Survivor)!!! Give me a good ole mindless sitcom!

Terri Davenport said...

What?! you don't like wipeout? It's my kids' favorite summer show. Indoors, I like reading and renting movies. I'll also watch Hulu while I scrapbook and make cards. (and the quiet is pretty good too after a few too many rounds of video games)