The last of the 12 days - a day late!

Yes, I am a day late with the final day of my 12 days of Christmas - CTMH style but I think you will love this project and you'll forgive me!
Here's a little preview:

The project is too large for my lightbox so the photos were taken with it lying on my desk so color will be a bit weird but I think it will be ok. This is a gift card holder I created for my husband's Christmas stocking! All products used are from CTMH and most are from this year's Heart of Winter pack - which you are going to love!!!!! Here's the front:

The papers in the Heart of Winter set are soooo beautiful, I almost hate cutting into them! There's a tutorial for this project below but for now, here's the inside:

Yes, my husband is a Dollar Menu fan - if it costs more than a dollar, he won't buy it for lunch. So I decided to get him a variety of gift cards, $5 each, for the places he frequents for lunch. But I didn't want to just drop them in his stocking - I wanted a nice way to present them. So here is how the gift card holder was made:

1. start with a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock. This color is our new Juniper. Score in thirds.

2. On the right hand third of the sheet, you want to cut diagonal lines that the gift cards will slip into. Mine are about 2 1/2 inches apart and I cut them with a craft knife.

3. Now fold that section toward the inside of the card. Don't glue anything down yet! I then added a piece of patterned paper over the entire section, opened the piece back up and sliced from the cardstock side through the patterned paper side to open up the slits in the patterned paper. With me, so far?

4. I then inserted a couple of cards as far as I wanted them to go. I added adhesive around the outside edges of this section AND a strip of adhesive below where each gift card was sitting in it's slot. Remove the gift cards and fold this section toward the center of the card again, adhering this third to the card. Now when I slide the gift cards into the slits I cut, they won't fall all the way to the bottom because the adhesive prevents that from happening.

5. The left side of the cardstock is now folded over to create the card front. Decorate as you wish - I used the Heart of Winter stamp set "Key to my Heart" to create the key, heart and saying...and then added a little ribbon and a brad and that's it!

If you wanted to, you could make this smaller height wise so it only holds 2 or 3 gift cards instead of 4 as mine does.

If you want to see more about the Heart of Winter promotion - which you can earn FREE - be sure to visit the Close To My Heart website or contact me for more details. AND I promised you one last special so here it is......when you place your order between now and December 25th and you qualify for the FREE Heart of Winter set, you will also receive a FREE inkpad in one of our 4 new colors: Juniper, Creme Brulee, Tulip or Sorbet - all of which coordinate with this awesome kit!
So send in your order soon! Only 1 week until Christmas!

Thanks for joining in on the 12 Days of Christmas - CTMH style! I have a few entries for the prize package I promised on the 1st day (and sorry I didn't offer a special based on the answer to question one - I wasn't ready to give away the answer that soon but I can tell you now - I've been with my hubby for 33 years!!)

I will be drawing a winner tomorrow and posting so check back to see if you're a winner!


HaleyD said...

Cool card and great tutorial!

Sandra J. Strickler said...

This looks professionally done, like you'd get at the store! Very beautiful.
I knew I should have said 33!

jacker said...
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