Blog Candy for a Cause

I came across this blog today and wanted to spread the word - a way for you to help make someone's holiday a little brighter just by sending a card. It's a heartbreaking story - one you wouldn't wish on any family, especially at Christmas time. Take a look and help out if you can:
Crafty Engineering


Sandra J. Strickler said...

This thread had me bawling my eyes out! My 2 miscarriages and my 2 month old's 3 day stay in the NICU all came flashing back to me, and I felt so much for this family. I will definitely be helping out. Thank you for sharing this.

Crafty Engineering said...


Thank you so much for helping me spread the word regarding my RAK request! It means so much to me and I know it will mean the world to my friends!


sticker said...
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