Wet, windy, weather and more

This October has so far been cold, wet, windy, ....and I need to work in the yard. Not sure it will get done any time soon the way it's been going. And Jacob (aka DS) is sick this weekend. Yuck. Somehow he always picks the weekends to be ill. No fun for him or me.

Anyhow, today is going to be a scrapping, stamping day. I need to finish mod podging my pumpkin. I'll post a pic when it's all done. I haven't done much else "creative wise" except organize books on shelves where I work. I guess that's somewhat creative. At least I can find the logical way to organize them - the rest of the office seems to think they should just go anywhere you plop them. Not a workable arrangement for me. I am too anal and structured. To answer the 2Peas challenge today, that would have to be one of the things that kinda drives me nuts about people - disorganization. You just can't function well when you are chasing your tail all of the time trying to find out where something is or how something should be done. Get it in the right place from the get-go and it makes life a lot easier. That's my thoughts anyhow.

Ok, it's afternoon and I'm still not dressed. Time to get a day underway.