Whirlwind Days

Well the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity!! Our daughter and son-in-law gave birth this past Thursday to the sweetest little BOY you'll ever meet!!! Yep, our granddaughter (according to numerous ultrasounds) turned out to be a grandson! None of us expected that, as the pink tutu I purchased can attest to! LOL But no matter - girl or boy - all we wanted was healthy and for the most part, that's what we got!

Alexander Xavier is a little on the tiny side, weighing just 5 pounds even at birth, and is having a few feeding problems that are keeping him in the hospital for now but he is expected to come home later this week. In the mean time, I am trying to get to the hospital as often as I can for snuggle time plus taking care of daughter's cats while they're away (hospital is about an hour away from home) and running here and there to get boy clothes as he would look mighty silly in all the pink we've been buying! So if I'm not posting often this week, you'll know why - little Alex needs his grandma!

Here's a picture of our little man -

Yep, I could eat this little pumpkin with a spoon!
More to share tomorrow - when I turn 53....

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Romaine said...

How exciting, Mary! And oh my, what a surprise for sure! Enjoy those darling baby cuddles and congrats to all!

lynneatw said...

What a wonderful surprise! Congratulations to all of you.

Sandra J. Strickler said...

What an adorable little thing! Congratulations to all!!!!!