Change is good...sometimes

Sorry I have been MIA lately - I hope that is all going to change! Possibly you've noticed that the blog has had a little change as well - it was time for a fresh "coat of paint", so to speak.

The other BIG change is that the Are You on the Fence blog will be closing at the end of the month. With the imminent arrival of our baby granddaughter, I decided to condense and cut back. Therefore, this will be my only blog (except for my business blog, Petite-Party Planners) and I will be sharing artwork, life stories and some reviews here in the future. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter and check out my Pinterest boards - just click on the flags in the left column to find me.

I'd love to show you some new artwork but I haven't been creating much. Instead, I've been shopping for baby things. Yes, the new little peanut will definitely be spoiled! But I have also been shopping with my daughter for the necessities: crib, stroller, and so on. There will be a welcome baby party after she is born rather than a shower ahead of time but there are some things you just can't wait for when you're having a baby!

So since I don't have any artwork to share today, how about a peek at baby girl's new crib comforter? Humor me, ok?

Those are pregnant mama feet peeking out at the bottom!

Cute and girly - just the ticket! Matter of fact, this pretty comforter inspired me to get a little crafty but I'm not quite done so I'll post the results soon.

Meanwhile, I will be back again soon to share a little of this and a little of that and I would love to hear what's new with you! Leave me a comment and tell me about your weekend or recent adventures - I'd love to know what I might be missing out on!

Until next time -

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Sandra J. Strickler said...

That quilt is beautiful! Love the feet. Praying for a safe, beautiful delivery!
Love your new look by the way!!!!