As I mentioned before, I started selling some cards through a local florist a couple of weeks ago and they are selling! Woot! Of course, that means I had to start putting in more time to get some additional stock ready so I've been busy making cards, including Mother's Day cards, which is right around the corner! We'll see how these sell. Here's a quick peek at one included in the bunch:

 I also just completed an order for a friend who is a real estate agent. She buys cards she can give to clients when they close on their home purchase. Here's a look at a couple of her assortment:

And the other thing I busied myself with this past week is taking some pictures of my daughter and her baby bump at 14 weeks. You can see the whole gallery here  - here's one of my favorites:

So that's what I've been busy with (well, that and getting the son finished up with the last couple weeks of college - and then graduation - yeehaw!!!) What have you been up to?

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