Spring - and vacation - renewal

There is something about spring that usually prompts me to make some changes. Maybe it's the warm weather or the fact that my butt is going to have to fit in shorts soon. This spring, I don't have the warm sun to inspire me but taking a week to vacation in Florida did give me that spring push. Time to make some changes - and not just for the impending shorts.

This spring, I have to get back on my diet. I was doing ok - not really losing but at least not gaining - and then I went on vacation where I walked, and walked, and walked some more. Surely I lost weight! Um, no. A few pounds crept back on. Those now have to go. Permanently. I also got a little sun(burn) while in Florida and decided that I would really like some color to stay so I think a tanning booth - for a month or two - would be physically and mentally invigorating. Look good, feel good - feel good, look good. Or something like that.

I have already redecorated just about every room in the house. Not in big ways but just with little decor items here and there. I was sick of looking at some of the "old" stuff. And yes, Jacob, your room is next. Promise. Then I need a few days to super clean. Run the vacuum under things, dust the high places that haven't seen a dustcloth in ages, maybe even scrub the kitchen floor the old fashioned way - on my hands and knees. Ok, that is not a spring "change" that I'm looking forward to if I'm being completely honest. Then again, neither is dieting. But I digress.

I'm also planning on blogging more, working on my business goals more, reading more (versus Facebooking more) and maybe start some writing. I've wanted to write for years and I know I just need to make time and do it. So I'm putting out there for my tens of readers to hold me accountable to. You'll do that for me, won't you?

So watch for more from me throughout the spring and hopefully into the summer and beyond. And if you're not seeing things from me, by all means, leave me a comment kick in the pants. I might need it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a little creativity and I will also have the first review of Universal Studios Orlando up at Are You on the Fence tomorrow as well. See you then!

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