Today was one of those days

Saturday, we had a family day - took in the sights and sounds of the Michigan Renaissance Festival (photos coming soon!) and enjoyed dinner afterwards at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill. It was a long day but it was fun.

Yesterday was a long day too. Not as much fun. First off, the house desperately needed to be cleaned. So I managed to dust, vacuum, mop, scrub the bathroom stuff, change sheets on beds, finish laundry, do dishes...yep, did just about everything I could think of to tidy up around here. I used to clean my house daily. Well, just about daily. Now I'm lucky if it all gets done every other week. Because a.) I'm busy, busy, busy - with things other than housework, apparently and b.) I'm getting old and housework wears. me. out! So it is sparkly clean for now (at least as sparkly clean as it's going to get right now) and I don't have to think about it again for a few days. Amen to that.

Secondly, it was a Jacob-angst day. Yes, that's a real thing in my world. The 24 year old in the house (otherwise known as my son) occasionally experiences a day when things do not go his way and the whole world is to blame. Or he is to blame but that usually takes him awhile to realize. Today was one of those days. See, he is doing an internship with a friend of mine who is a photographer and his task today was to create a flyer for her. The process wasn't going well and he pretty much threw in the towel on his entire education because he "lacks an artistic eye". Oh, did I mention he's majoring in marketing? Not art or graphic design? And that he is a guy who can't even figure out what shirt goes with what pair of pants? Yeah, I knew the artistic eye was a bit of a problem. But I wasn't expecting him to produce a masterpiece. I just wanted him to have an opinion about what to include in a simple flyer and maybe learn a little about basic design elements along the way. But that expectation nearly caused him to go postal. Seriously. The end result was a lot of yelling, a door was slammed and there was a couple of hours of no speaking. Yep. One of those days.

But on the up side, it ended with a new episode of "Once Upon a Time" and a dish of ice cream. For me. I hope Monday is much more subdued. And maybe I'll get some creating time of my own to share with you soon. Here's hoping....