Autumn Centerpiece with Mama on the Fly!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you have already heard this news. I am teaming up with local blogger Carolyn Savage at her Mama on the Fly blog to bring you some crafty goodness!

I have a photo to share with you of the fall centerpiece I created this time around but to get all the step-by-step photos and directions, I encourage you to visit Carolyn's blog. And while you're there, check out the rest of Carolyn's site. She has a lot to offer and you may find she is a familiar name. In the Toledo area, the Savage name is well-known, but across the country, Carolyn and husband Sean have been in the news regarding their heartbreaking story about an "botched" invitro process that left Carolyn pregnant with another couple's baby and how the Savages decided to continue the pregnancy and give the gift of life to another couple struggling with infertility. Her story is at her site and you can read further in her book, Inconceivable. I highly recommend it!

So on to the project! My "assignment" was to create a fall centerpiece. Well, if you've visited by blog for some time now, you know I am predominantly a paper crafter. But I have dabbled in all sorts of crafty endeavors so I was up to the challenge! Here is the final project:

I also created a couple of accessory pieces but you'll have to pop over to Mama on the Fly to see those. And if you're in the Toledo area (or have iHeart Radio), be sure to tune in tomorrow morning to 101.5 The River about 7:30-8 am when Carolyn is "on air" talking about this project. And maybe me. I hope she has good things to say!  :)

Have a great Wednesday!



canadian_liner said...

What a beautiful, seasonal creation, Mary. I loved all the other goodies you made, too (checked out the Mama on the Fly blog). Best wishes with your new endeavour!