I met one of my "Five"

Do you have a list of "five"? Have you ever heard of that? Briefly, a list of five means the five people that you are allowed to cheat on your spouse with, if you ever had the chance. These can't be realistic people like your old college boyfriend. More like people who would be totally unobtainable. Then the chances that you will ever get to hook up with one of the five on the list are pretty much slim and none. Which is reassuring to your spouse.

So I've had a list of five for a few years and over time, the list has changed. Evolved if you will. I've discovered new people that I had to put on the list. Like Nathan Fillion. Currently he is in the number one spot. And I think he'll stay for awhile. But some people have come and gone. One that has been on my list for a long time is Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap, Men of a Certain Age, Chuck....). So this past weekend, I loaded up my son (geek #1), son-in-law (partial geek #2) and daughter (geek in disguise) and headed to Chicago for Comic Con. What's this got to do with Scott Bakula? Well, he was appearing at Comic Con and I figured this might be my only chance to lay eyes on him, up close and personal.

We attended Comic Con just one day (which was plenty, in my opinion) and yes, I got to meet Scott (we're on a first name basis now, of course). Here's the thing though: in order to get "up close and personal", I had to pay for an autograph. A $75.00 autograph. I thought it over, decided against it a couple of times, and was finally convinced, by my son, to cough up the cash and treat myself. He was right - when else would I have a shot at one of my five???

I paid the price and was first in line. We waited about 20 minutes and while we waited, I made sure to apply a fresh coat of chapstick, smoothe my hair and clothing, and even ask my 24 year old son if I looked ok. Like he would know - he rarely cares if his teeth are even brushed! And of course, I was prepared to be cool, calm, sophisticated - you know, all the things one of my five would be drawn to.

And then, there he was. And I turned into a gushy fan girl! I shook his hand, told him I've loved him since Quantum Leap, was so sad that Men of a Certain Age was cancelled, told him I was from Ohio (ok, he asked), and basically did everything short of drooling that made me want to smack myself in the head when I walked away! Yes, it was a pathetic display. But he was so nice, and chatty, and even told my son that it was nice to meet him (although Jacob didn't really care one little bit) and overall, that $75.00 was WORTH EVERY PENNY! 

Cause I walked away with this and a memory from Comic Con 2012 that I won't soon forget.

PS - My hair, turns out, looked insane. Note to self: Never trust the opinion of the 24 year old con again.

For more pictures from Comic Con, including photos of William Shatner, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), Dean Cain and Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice), check out my album at Facebook.

By the way, who's your five?



Romaine said...

Mary, how fun ! Made me chuckle with your description!

Debbie Gaydos said...

Haha... I'm so laughing at your story! what a great memory! I haven't made a list of "my five", but I could certainly see Scott being on it.... I too LOVED Quantum Leap!! What a great show! Glad you had such fun!

Terri Davenport said...

Too funny! Saw him this weekend too, sadly it was only on the tv. Sounds like a fun trip!

Mary Eisen said...

Ok, I started reading this (in my email) and I almost deleted it - those first 3 sentences were like WHAA!? This is funny! I've never heard of a List of 5 before!

Lisa Kind said...

Well, I've never heard of this list, but I think I could come up with 5 very easily! LOL! You are so funny, Mary! I loved reading this story! So glad you got to meet him! Can't believe they charged ANY money for the autograph!

Nancy Ball said...

Hmmmm, I loved Scott in Quantum Leap. That was one of the few shows my husband and I have both enjoyed. A 5 list....that is an interesting concept. I would say I have a list, but never verbalized it....my husband knows whose on it, and when it changes. Sad really, but what is life without fantasies!I think the $75 was totally worth it to meet one of your "Five"!