Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate. And Happy Fall to those who don't. Traditionally each year we decorate the house with a few pumpkins, a ghost here and there and a black cat or two but we are not into the real spooky or gross components of the holiday. Cute is the name of the game here. So when I decided to make up some treats for the adults, a.k.a. co-workers, I went all out cute:

Halloween push pop treats! I purchased some of the empty push pop containers through a group buy (4 of us split a case of 100) and then searched the internet for all kinds of ideas! These push pops are filled with two layers of Entemann's mini brownies, frosting, and a sprinkling of M&Ms, topped with a pumpkin shaped Peep. It all fit perfectly! I wrapped a band of printed paper around each pop and tied some twine around each so I could hang my little die cut spiders with their googly eyes.

I think these turned out super cute and everyone at work loved them! For more Halloween posts, be sure to check out my Pictures Pages and my Halloween review. Yes, I'm reviewing a holiday. I have opinions about ever.y.thing.

Haver a fun and safe Halloween!



Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Super cute, Mary!!

carol (krillsister) said...

Love those googly eyes.

Kara said...